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Simply not possible. A friend the mine brother. Jail johnson several years ago when preaching in dallas was going to baylor and studying in their graduate school and one of their professors was a big expert on this high criticism and able to distinguish in the bible all kinds of sources from different writers and so brother johnson hiring of hearing this suggests that the test to the. He's an. I'll go back to dallas and i'll get about ten or twelve of my friends and will decide on a theme to write about and we'll have some of them right part of midden some of it right some of them the rest of it and then i'll serve as a doctor and i will we all together and then will bring it back to you and with your skills you determine which was written by one person which was written by somebody else but he wouldn't even begin to accept the challenge like that. He knew he would obviously of course making claims about matthew mark. Luke and john or genesis exodus. You do not have such direct proof that the person is wrong. You know this literary criticism the method that used sometimes get completely out of hand. I remember reading a number of years ago. About an article in reader's digest in which the fellow was serious in proposing that Mark twain really did not write all of the things that he spoke of written but will just a frontman wrong. I don't know how many of you read much longfellow. But he really had a sense of humor me and of coq. Shakespeare didn't write shakespeare. They're not sure who did. But obviously shakespeare and it reached dizziness authorities. Perhaps when someone's ed that homer was not written by homer but by another man same name.

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