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After traffic and weather together on the tens John Morrissey. How we doing on that drive? Some of us are doing real good. Some really bad. Let's start with a really bad. I e four seventy is closed it, both directions. Just east of I seventy six. There's a crash at one hundred twentieth. Several vehicles involved cars trucks, one semi has gone off the highway and down to a creek bed below what the status of the driver at this point fire fires on scene. Your drive this morning though on e four seventy s awful southbound or eastbound e for seventy is closed at highway eighty five northbound or westbound e four seventy is closed at one hundred fourth this morning best to avoid ebor, seventy just on the east side of I seventy six you're driving through town. Still pretty heavy southbound I twenty five. Oh, got that closure of Colfax. They're investigating a fatal auto pedestrian crash odd colefax between federal and Irving that investigation will take several hours. You still got a pretty heavy drive into the tech center to coming out of Lakewood eastbound sixth avenue, you still got that crash approaching federal this got you backed up back to Wadsworth your drive on five. Southbound is pretty heavy coming down for park road down at the tech center. So there are still several big jams of traffic in your way this morning and for seventy the worst. It's completely shut down east of bar lake just on the southeast side of bar lake. This report is sponsored by indeed dot com. Indeed used by over three million businesses for hiring where business owners and HR professionals get both job openings with screener questions that short review and communicate with candidates online dashboard. Learn more to d dot com slash fire. Next update at eight thirty KOA.

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