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Police officer coming forward with his story On how he was mistaken for a suspect and beaten by fellow officers from 25 years ago. Michael Cox, speaking with double BBC TV's hit the back of the head and turn around in front of the head and I start didn't get kicked, punched, hit by multiple sides all at once. I kind of remember kind of trying to get up and at some point Seeing like a silhouette of a police officer and cocks, and he and his partner were working undercover in the gang unit, where they spotted the getaway car of a shooting suspect the driver took off on foot gave Cox Chase knowing backup was on the way he was climbing a fence in pursuit of the suspect. When he says other officers pulled him down and started beating him. They didn't stop. Until members of his own unit arrived. Cox suffered head injuries and kidney damage, but says the department tried to cover up what happened. Nobody wass found responsible anyway, for criminal activity that occurred It was clear that you know, these people wanted me guard. I was like this is not going to stop. Even if I leave. It's not gonna stop. You stayed with the department. And Cox, saying that his family received threatening phone calls, and he had his tires slashed by fellow officers. But he refused to quit. 30 years later, he wound up rising to the highest uniform rank of bpd. But then he became The chief at the Ann Arbor, Michigan Police Department took a civil rights lawsuit for cocks to be compensated for all he went through. But he says he's not bitter. And he doesn't think that police need to be defunded that if you want something to get better, you need to invest in it. At 1

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