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Their yoke for a long time to come. And I don't like that idea. Listen to Bill Gates, and unless into some others we may have to wear a mask through 2021 the first half of 2022. I say both Angola do that. Nonetheless, I am not about a month ago, Austin, the Puma. He's an attorney specializing in injury. Long related matters with the Randy Freaking. He's un freaking believable. Many questions about the legalities. Can you sue a fellow employee that gives you for example, covered 19. Can your employer forced you to take a test if you don't want to take a test? And Delta Airlines make you actually, uh, showing up that you're negative or you've passed? You've passed the test relative. You have it or not, whether you have the vaccine, we'll What is the law in this area? And I hopefully, Austin a Puma can give us all the answers and Austin welcome again to the Bill Cunningham Show in Austin. How are you? I'm good, Willie. How about you Great day to be an American? I want to talk with you about liability and forcing people to take to take the vaccine when they don't want it. What generally, Tony Bender wants to know if Sheriff Dave gives him covert 19. Any e I don't know how you prove that can one employee sue another employee for catching covert 19? That is a resounding no so I am sure you're well aware of the fact especially based on the fact that we hopefully will have some sort of stimulus or relief package. At the conclusion of the day. One of those elements that was really really a hot topic was the quote unquote Red Line about liability at the federal level. Covert related issues. Now, while that likely not going to be fully resolved the federal level back in September, it was in Ohio. Oh, I actually of all people spoke with Randy freaking on his podcast about it and in Ohio Essentially unless you're able to prove a very high burden that the employees in that case you just talked about came in and recklessly and purposely tried to infect you. There is not an avenue for recovery, so negligence doesn't apply. But if Tony Bender, having just tested positive for covert 19 walks around without a mask on And Braves and sneezes on people that's different. It could rise to that level and then another part of that, Willie that's really fascinating. That kind of excites people like you and I, and hopefully all the listeners is What you just said with the masks and those guards and all those elements that have been implemented as a result of Covic are acting as quote unquote safety guards. And under Ohio law. If an employer remove the safety guard, they can take a negligent claim an ordinary court claim. So there is this really, really great area, but Ordinarily and I understand the underwriting principle. If you go in and get Cove it and you're somehow able to prove that you got at the place of work, you haven't uphill battle at best. So so in the law, it's negligence and recklessness. One can be in a sense, negligent. You can't be reckless. You just got it, my friend. All right now let's move on the fives. Irma turn. I've had calls on this subject the last several weeks, and that is I don't want to take the test. But if you take the test and you have a bad reaction, allergic reaction. Can you go soon? Madonna or Fizer? If you get a bad reaction, or if you take their vaccine do has indicated and down the road. You still get covert 19, Can you class action lawyers get together. Make millions and millions of dollars off the suffering of others, and is it possible to sue the drug manufacturers? You just had to get that gabbing about the quote unquote vile attorney didn't go. Yeah, I get it. All right, Fair enough. So great question, Perhaps most topical questions that we've been getting Is that a Z? Well, as as you know, Willie, the foundation of Freaky Myers and rule is in point related matters. And at the heart of that is the Grand maester. Kelly Malloy Myers. So her along with the employment attorney there had beginning that question, along with the question of cannon employer forces to take this vaccine, So let me take those Turn by turn real quickly to answer your question about the vaccine and some sort of Cute reaction. There's actually a program that was codified at the federal level back in 1988, and it is actually about it's clear cut as it comes. There was a table literally. If you go online and get Google any Laettner, the National vaccine injury compensation program just rolls off the tongue. If you Google that It comes up and a table showing you a specific type of vaccine and the manifestation of a potential reaction that you would get within the time frame that you're avenue right there, and that's the only one and because it's something that was been said on the show time and time again this past week. Even when you had the governor on here. Foreign away foreign away. The vaccines are under the scrutiny to ensure their safety. But in the very rare rare rare circumstances that something happened there is an avenue for recovery, so it's not Complete win win, But at least there's that to fall back on. Can a school district tell Tony Bender is three or four Children in school? And he's now being told by Boone County. He may be required to have all the kids inoculated in September to come back to school for covert 19 can school districts require kids.

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