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Have to get tougher and fight we have some other great fighters but they have to get tough ones like because the Democrats are trying to hurt the Republican Party for the election house Republicans were voted down in their effort to censure the leader of the Democrats impeachment enquiring congressman Adam Schiff president trump is defending his troop withdrawal in Syria he says the five day pause in fighting will lead to more stability between Turkey and the Kurds just like two kids in the playground they fight let him fight for minutes and then you pull them apart it was much easier to make a deal the sewage bill in the bull creek is killed one hundred sixty five fish and will require testing of the water for easy coli the city of Austin says an estimated twenty five thousand gallons of sewage spilled into the creek that was near old Spicewood springs road the city is blaming the spill on people who flush disposable wipes that clogs the system and leads to spills proposition five on the November ballot would set aside money for state parks in nineteen ninety three state lawmakers sent inside sales taxes on sporting goods to go to state parks but that's not always words gone says Jennifer Sarver with the Texas coalition for state parks over the white only about forty percent has ever been spent on our part the proposition simply says you need to spend the money was intended by the lock no different it's not a new tax cheeses many of our state park for built in the nineteen thirties and are in desperate need of repair she says some of the money will help neighborhood parks to Robert wood newsradio kale B. J. six thirty three years Austin's on time traffic.

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