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He was avenging attacks on these lam estate group they say he chose that location because of its christmas posters new research has concluded that tasmanian tigers worrying bad genetic health long before they were hunted to extinction scientists said they would have been susceptible to diseases were they still alive at american soldier who defected to north korea nineteen sixty five has died in japan at the age of seventy seven shells robert jenkins was an army sergeant patrolling the demilitarized zone between north and south korea when he defected he said he had wanted to avoid continued military duty that's the latest bbc world news this is the forum from the bbc world service where we're talking about the story of the international committee of the red cross my guests are to hugo slim joining us from geneva where the icrc headquarters are professor andrew thompson of exeter university the human rights journalists and author caroline more had and joining us from the horn of africa icrc communications director for somalia lyle harani let's do not as some more recent conflicts which have dominated global politics like the uslead intervention into iraq and the recent conflicts in afghanistan and syria hugo slim iraq was a major intervention how different was this from previous conflicts well in many ways it was a major international conflict again say it walls major states engaging in armed conflict against another state so in some ways it was clara at the beginning in terms of international law it was will say interesting for us of course because we were having to be very challenging towards our biggest financial tune up which is the us government so we found ourselves locked in very direct conversations very often about the conduct of hostilities about the way they were managing detainees and all sorts of humanitarian issues in the pursuit of armed conflict and what was a violation and what should be prevented one of the things you mentioned the difficulty of of standing up gop could stand in the united states one of the points which she raise actually not so much in iraq put and in the intention afghanistan this this whole question of who was a combatant is so that seemed to be a moment when the geneva conventions than the icrc israel came into sharp focus yes and i mean well we of all very familiar now with.

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