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Our Atta Rod. Are you. GonNa, Puke. Now, I'm ready for this. All right. You gotTa Close Your Eyes then. Okay. All right. Let me see if I did. Well welcome welcome. To Armchair expert. I'm your resident expert Dan Sheppard Him Joan Monica, miles I do Miss Mouse. That's good. ESCA. That's a good mouse I would. You've already guessed by now from that stellar impersonation that Matthew mcconaughey as on the show today. The whole thing him I didn't know if I could sustain it. That was good. That was good. Ducking out a little bit. Okay You Know Matthew. mcconaughey. Who doesn't my God this guy is the most fun loving good time and where's it all well, Matthew mcconaughey is a Golden Globe and Academy Award. Winning actor author and producer his credits include Dallas buyers, club interstellar true detective I lose a guy in ten days. Wolf Wall Street oh dazed and confused. Magic. It's got a new book during lots available. Now, let me give them some real service. You gotTa Check Out Green Lights. It's his new memoir and I have read the bulk of it and I fucking love it. As you'll hear, he is a rare bird. He is. He's a Unicorn he's a unicorn form tweet tweet he. that was good. That was in character he would say. You'd say Unicorn he'd say tweet tweet and it would make sense out of. Anyway man and we have a party talking to McConnell. Thank you, Matthew, mcconaughey for coming on the show and please enjoy. MISRA. mccown a we are supported by hymns a wellness brand for men the DAX. Shepard uses regularly to keep my hair. I have a real dedication to my hairdo. It's a big part of the and I really WanNa keep as much of it is humanly possible and guess what I'm doing pretty good job and forty five, and there's a good amount of locks up there still is. Now you've heard US talk about hymns and how they're helping guys look their best. If you haven't, it's time to see what they're all about now the problem of course. Is. That sixty.

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