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Infineon was claiming the phantom would include found its way into that prototype, which is something. At least not all those sports were working, but then if the company wanted to create a proof of concept Kinda, show how the system would work in might only focus on the necessary components to get to perform as needed for a demo. So in other words, if you're shopping at around trying to get some investors to give you money, you might have a mockup where it's not a fully functional. Unit, but you want to show off. The concept said you can get the funding to complete it. That doesn't necessarily mean that. The company is shady or suspicious. In any way, a presumably the finished product would have included all of the working components that were being talked about in their press releases. That would also mean customers. We get a keyboard and mouse in what infineon labs was calling a lap pad and this was an attempt to make it easier to play pea style games on a home television in your living room. Many PC games are compatible with game controllers, but some games like first person shooters or real time strategy games tend to work best using a mouse and keyboard approach. If you use a controller and you go up against someone else's using mouse and keyboard. You'll probably find your paternity handed to you. So what about the online service? Part of this whole package will labs plan to operate a virtual private games, network or VP? And this is a special type of virtual private network or VPN, and you may have used bbn's for work, or for your own computers, for those of you who are unfamiliar with the idea. Let me give you a real quick high level rundown, so a VPN creates a private network across a public network, so take the Internet for example. That's a public network. Network anyone can hop on or off at any time, private networks require access to machines on the network itself, so like a physical private network is completely separate from any other network, or it only has very controlled portals to other networks and the only way you can get on that physical network is if you have access to a machine that's connected to it. A VPN simulates that it's not a true private network, but through code creates a situation that is essentially like that, and it can send that communication across a larger public network. This means communication across the. VPN is encrypted to protect data from snoopers. Might as well just use a public network in the first place. It's typically used by businesses to allow remote employees access to company intranet. Systems other folks might use VPN to communicate securely with other people or to access services that might otherwise be blocked in their real physical location, so you might log into a VPN and use that in order to access something that otherwise you would not be able to touch from wherever you are. It's really handy. If you happen to be in a country that has a you know. A more nanny state kind of approach to guiding Howell the Internet should be used by the population. So why would infineon labs to operate a VP in well mostly it's to lock a customer into an ecosystem and here's how the business plan would have worked. If it ever launched you decide. You're going to go out and buy a phantom console. Actually you can have a couple of different options. You could purchase one for one hundred ninety nine dollars. At least that was one of the amounts quoted, which is actually incredibly cheap. or You, could rent it, or you could sign up for a two year subscription agreement with envenom labs on their virtual private games network, and if you subscribe for two years, you would get the hardware for free. So the subscription would cost twenty nine dollars ninety five cents a month, and for that you would be able to use the phantom network to download games to stream games to play games online with other people. You would have access to a suite of games right away. That would be included with your subscription fee, so you wouldn't have to pay any extra for a certain library of games. If you wanted games that were beyond that library and inviting him. Labs had secured the rights. You would be able to download demo versions of those for free, and if you wanted to purchase it, you could do so through infineon labs is online store and download the game directly to the console. The console would keep track of how much storage space was left, and it could even dynamically manage it so. He started getting close to your limit. Remember that forty gigabyte limit. Let's say you start getting close to that. Ask these days I wouldn't take long at all. Because Games are so huge, but let's talk about two thousand, three, two, thousand four. You started getting close that forty gigabyte limit well. The Phantom would end up deleting older games that you had not played in A. A long time, but the service would keep track of which games you had purchased, so if you ever decide, you wanted to go back. Play an old title. Then you could download it again for free. Because he had already purchased it previously, so there'd be a record of the fact that you had bought it before, and you wouldn't have to buy it a second time. Now, in many ways, this is how subscription services like xbox gold memberships work today. The business plan sounded actually pretty solid. It was very innovative for its time. There'd be incentive for Gamers to subscribe month after month because they could get access to the games within the library as well as a chance to buy other brand new games possibly at a discount because you're not buying them the physical media, although now we know that doesn't always work out that way. You don't always get a discount just because you're not buying. A disk. It can be just as expensive or sometimes more expensive to buy the digital version, which is infuriating for a lot of people there are also hints that game titles. could come out a little earlier, so you could get them much quicker than you would. If you were to have to go to the store, there was no danger of them selling out. You don't have to worry about. Pre registering for a game and hoping that the the local game stop or whatever game store you would go to would have enough copies on launch day. You can just download it, so there were definite reasons that a Gamer might be interested in this, although the thought of having to pay an ongoing subscription service to keep using a video game console that you had already purchased rubbed a lot of people the wrong way. It was an idea that maybe wasn't quite..

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