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Based Okay Okay Coke and you touched on Investors just before and that's one of the things I found really it fascinating about coin. Flex is that the high profile investors which he did have on board one of those being Taytay or trading technologies. How did that relationship nations ship come about because it's very interesting? Trading technologies is a software company and the corner pioneers in this space especially in the the the futures and options world. And neither. I've been getting more. And more into Crypto by offering it through the platform etcetera. How come it made sense for them to actually become partner of coin flex? Yeah so for. I think from their perspective they were. They are as you say. The largest fixed income Icefield software vendor in the world. I I read somewhere that a trillion dollars of off a fixed income flow of futures flow goes through that infrastructure on a daily basis and of market leaders. They were looking for a way to sort of differentiate and add to that sort of product offerings and they started investigating crypto will kind of unknown to us at the same time We were looking at launching this exchange. And what we knew we were good at was the matching engine the marketing being the kind of operations the whole exchange running business will What we knew we weren't good front and you know like a lot of crypto after exchanges The front end is his got you log into your system. And he's got a big fat buy and sell button graphing not a lot not a lot else and and so we were looking for a software partner that could fill the fill that space with multiple auditoriums exciting staff and ladders and brackets. Listen all kinds of different ways of managing risk and trading and and We saw having a conversation with t t and soon become became a power in that you. We're going to be great partners because we both take what the other want to do At all wanted to have. And that's how the policy was born. Yeah I think that's really cool that you have linked up with Taytay and you know in my eyes I. It added a lot of credibility to coin flex will win beginning to have those.

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