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Number's fairly because he didn't have his best receiver and then he lost John Ross and you sort of casting. Aj Green caliber player you still has reasonable talent he really I mean I don't I think tyler boards issues or or related to Andy Dalton I really do he was great last year he was phenomenal at Pitt for four seasons anyway what am I getting at I'm getting at Seatgeek baby let I just you know what I'm going to look up on seek right now how much world series game seven tickets are won't take long let's see if we can I do that I be if it were game sold against Iris right no kidding anyway seek scrape you go I'm looking at it right now all these big green dots click on a green dot on the seating Matt that tells me the best value five hundred twenty three dollars behind home plate shorts in the upper deck but that's really Ed what about this one here Oh twenty one hundred dollars for the twenty fourth row right behind home plate okay not that bad that I'm not gonNA be buying those seats but anyway seeking makes it so easy for an event you click on the interactive Seton at you find those great deals you buy those tickets they've got over fifty thousand five-star reviews they pulled together millions of tickets from all over the web and you can.

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