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What people want to do to fix cut through traffic is to make those major boulevards even wider to had those be like car priority, even more when really we should just be taking space away from cars everywhere. All over the city. Think about if we like eliminate a bunch of cars what the side streets become. If there's street parking all the time. I mean, there's not car street park, and I will say, because I live in like a, there's a lot of businesses. Nearby and we have two cars. My wife has one. She has a parking spot. I don't. If it's the middle of the day, if I go to the gym at ten and try to come back and eleven, I'm fucked can't park anywhere near my house, which is which is crazy. But at the same time, it's the price I pay for having a car, right? This parking space is becoming more and more available. This is something that Uber and lift have done like the valley businesses dead, right. Basically their entire lots are being converted to other purposes because fewer people more people take our share, then you don't have to part because the moment, you know you're going somewhere where you have to pay for parking, do the math, three, like it's ten bucks to park at LA live, whatever it's twenty to go round trip. Have someone drive me right, right. So then if we took all this newly available parking, turned it into units, especially affordable units, places where people could live, then you don't eat car share either. Really now the place you're getting. To know you live there. Walk around. So that would be nice. I think it's always important to say all these amenities bike lanes, walkability, parks, all this nice shit. When you build stuff like this, it does make neighborhoods less affordable, which is why you have to come at it from the other side to put protections in place and make sure you've got enough that you Topi neighborhood where you're like, oh, now everyone wants to live there. Now it's market. It's just added control, right? The rent goes crazy. And so then people start getting squeezed. How you want to become like one of those. And I'm not. I'm not the guy to do this because I'm too afraid, and I'm not the poster board for this, but you make me want to be one of those. You're bored, poster boy and board. I'm not the poster boy. Yeah, I'm not some. But I want to be like one of those bike warriors that's like, you know, just let's get ten guys together and ride all down, Santa Monica, God blesses people, everyone hates them..

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