Rochester, Haven Hill, Courtney Tanner discussed on Weekend Edition Saturday


In the kitchen of an old house in rochester new hampshire moms are gathered with their babies mama mama this is hope on haven hill where eight pregnant women and new moms can live with their children while they receive treatment for their drug addiction some of the women who live here are battling to get their kids back from the state they have twelve months to do what the court asks of them which includes staying sober and treatment and finding safe insecure housing or they can lose their parental rights i cannot stress enough that twelve months is a really short window for somebody who's in early recovery courtney tanner runs this program if a mother can't find resources or from other experiences relapsed during that twelve month window that child can be removed from her and put up for adoption her rights could be terminated jillian room stein almost lost her son jeremy to state custody but she was determined to get him back after he was placed into foster care she continued her methadone treatment and finally got a bed in another residential treatment program i'm for young moms she was reunited with him after a few months but she knows a lot of women who gave up hope and went back to using drugs they said in court that it was an audit case that gave me by child back so quickly it made me want to cry a lot of people make it and get their children back that year broom stein is now living in nashua far from the rural town where she first started using heroin and where there are many more services.

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