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Hoodies jackets. Even golf gear public wreck rarely discounts. But right now they have an exclusive offer just for the dr drew listeners. Go to public release. That's pb l. i. c. r. e. c. public wreck com slash droop. Use the promo code. Dr drew and you get ten percent off that's public record our ec. Use our promo code. Dr drew for ten percent off. Well perhaps you've heard me talk about relief band before it's the number one. Fda cleared anti nausea wristband that has been clinically proven to quickly relieve and effectively prevent nausea vomiting associated with motion sickness anxiety migraines hangovers morning sickness. Chemotherapy and much more. It really does work. The product is one hundred per cent drug free We're going on a cruise producer. My wife is going to be wearing it the entire time. It's non drowsy provides all natural relief with zero side effects. It stimulates nerve and the risks that travels to the part of the brain that controls nausea. Then it blocks that signal to your brain sending your that would normally send that signal to your stomach. They block it so you don't get sick. The technology was roosevelt. Over twenty years ago used in hospitals to relieve nausea. But now through relief band it is available to us all. Don't believe it works. Listen to amy talk about her experience. I love this product. I've got motion sick in vehicle. Since i was in preschool now on the on the volunteer fire department and always weird on calls. That's right now as the world is opening back up. Don't let the fear of nausea. Keep you on the sidelines. Relief band has an exclusive offer for just our doctor who listeners if you go to relief band dot com use promo code drew. You'll receive twenty percent off plus free shipping and a no questions asked thirty day money back guarantee so head to relief. Band arielle f. b. a. n. d. dot com use that promo code drew for twenty percent off plus free shipping. Well we know that aging actually begins in ourselves. Many aspects of our daily lives can how are trillions of cells performance ultimately how we age age associated cellular decline or abcd is a time related deterioration in the way ourselves function as we age beginning in our forties accelerating in our sixties over time our cellular processes become less efficient which can contribute to things like fatigue produced muscle strength impaired cellular defenses to help address. These changes try incorporating nutrients that work on the cellular level into your wellness..

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