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Have been well introduced. You can do my funeral. But no time soon. Kevin. So listen, I really appreciate that introduction. Kevin is one of the greatest Lawrenson state. He's helped me on my campaigns since I began and he was treasurer. And if you wanna give now's the time. Whereas kevin. Okay. So anyway, thanks for having me. Appreciate you starting on time. You're republicans. We're actually starting early. I gotta go to the Republican Jewish coalition today. They're everywhere. Republicans are everywhere and RDC has been terrific. I'm headed out the Las Vegas. But again, thank you for the kind introduction. I thought I'd get right into it. Which ain't senators at home every fifty years we need to or not. Tuck. Took Senator Thurmond's place, and he was elected and fifty four was born in fifty five. So look forward to seeing you for many years to come. But hope, but but Republican lawyers democrat lawyers libertarian lawyers vegetarian, lawyers, whatever kind of lawyers people don't like us until they need us. So if you can't take a lawyer joke, you shouldn't be lawyer. You can't take a joke in general ensures hill should not be in my business. So people laugh until they need us. Then when you know, this whole lawyer thing, Bartell, hang them. High was a military lawyer judge prosecutor Vincent Turney until early but human being in front of you. Then all of a sudden, this is hard when you're in a jury. Right. Yeah. You're talking about crime until the grandson stop for DUI, and you want somebody to help you the bottom line. Here is the committee. I'm honored to be the chairman, and how do you get to be chairman you outlive? Everybody to your right? And you keep it elected. So. It's nothing to do with it. That's why I like the Senate. I think big the right place for me. So my time has come and I'm gonna try to use it wisely. Appreciate kevin. And all those and South Carolina helped me we are in kind of the body times as you can tell I was one of the sixteen people that ran against President Trump, and you know, he beat my brains out, and he loves for me to say that. So I'm on C span Casey's watching. Acknowledged defeat. I want to help you and push back when I have to. But I want you to be successful. When I first got ask over to the White House. He says, you know, I don't have your phone number. And I said there's a reason for that. Sort of the halide about campaign. So I'm sorry about said, no are the most noted I got was my phone number. But we found some common ground. I've come to light president and he likes himself. So..

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