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First off when it shows up then they look at me as a mind. Reader is a clairvoyant. They trust me a lot. They really want me to be in their corner. Moving forward because i bring to them a bit of a crystal ball to call out what they can't have conceived of yet. Well because i've been in the game longer. And i kind of know that if i see this then this is coming so that protects them and it makes me look like a genius and so therefore the relationship continues in as it should be so. That's the way that I do it in. That's the conversation that we hold. And that's the conversation that i know that needs to be had but then again to that there needs to be a credible source to be able to bring that forward where it's not intellectual learning that some brainiac learned from book. It's just reciting what they read but never experienced the adding lead jeff. Spencer tolan yet. We'll that's okay too but you know they can use me as a reference to. I'm not gonna say anything that has experience but you know we're just sort of saying here that there is a level of credibility that's conveyed through the experience that makes real. That makes a collaboration really close in really intimate because it's based on the fundamental Element of human experience which is trust. Jeff i'm looking at the time our warmed up. Yeah let's i mean. Hey man if you good but one thing i wanted to say The way i feel right. The part of the i started noble warriors. Because i want to talk to my elders. You know chinese culture we have a lot of reverence Of course or how others right and for me It it serves well the our listeners. By really mankind large rick the ripple apart the ripple effect continues that way from my perspective. Definitely want to see more of you. So as in as in how can we use exponential technology the way to duplicate jeff. Riley is an insist that can serve.

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