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Heading towards our number four on a friday. This is this sean salisbury. Show sports car seven ninety. Oh man guys do this draft. Okay so what do you think today. If we took him privately see every t- heavy mfn into club. Friday john clayton about forty minutes will break down what he thinks and overall a kind of synopsis. This draft what team today wakes up and has the most anxiety over the guy. They took in the draft Most anxiety i would think tennessee. Just because of the just because the health purposes the two back surgeries Outside of that most anxiety. That's it's like man. i mean they. They made the pick taps. Everybody justin feels even most anxiety. Just because there's a lot on the there for the gm and the coach that took him right less anxiety. Because you feel good that you know these big ten country that that he was of the after the first two and in some cases that if you go around the country most people like fan bases kind of like justin fields right and chicago big ten country. What you're saying front office if you're ryan pace and matt nagy right. Yeah jobs on the line and you're investing in this. Were rookies got to save your even kyle shanahan. He's there's still some room there. Why because well he was in super bowl now. I know nagy was to as an as a coordinator but it's been three years removed for him now and and they've missed on the quarterback situation again. So we'll find out if if this is the one. I think that's a good point and i do think tennessee with all their losses. There's some anxiety there being zaire with the jets to just because like your tamala zach wilson's stuff and he's played one great season of college football at byu and you take him to overall and you jettisoned out another quarterback like there's gotta be really anxiety there that if this thing doesn't look good in the first couple of years like the fan base. They're ready to turn on you. In a millisecond. Yeah i think that that may be at the top and you know. I feel about zack. Wilson i think he's gonna be player but a lot of that has to do especially young with personnel and the first sign of a three game. If it's early you know what's happening right here. We go again. That's what they're gonna say without even giving the kid any leeway to do it and you're right through the front office you're sitting back saying okay. We drafted a guy that quite frankly came higher regarded in sam darnold. Then zack wilson right. I mean the talk zack. Wilson was a late bloomer. For them darnold was like. Oh he's armed talent and all that and you hear the same things about wilson. We just started longer about darnold. And i don't think going to be a bust when he goes to his new team but right now the the timing jets was a bust. Yeah we've got more out. It didn't workout. Which by the panthers picked up his option this morning and adam schefter did tweet that they were considering last night taking justin fields but yes and they had a chance to so. There's somebody in that building that thinks that he's going to be well. I would think that they think he's gonna be a star right. If you're passing on five quarterbacks that you think could be well at least the opportunity to draft. What two of them in and mack jones and justin field. So you think you hold sam Sam darnold and some kind of regard but work the jets whether it's the organization personnel coaching sam darnold inability at times to protect the ball but with great upside but we can keep talking about potential. He's he's got put together and they've got to do a better job a coach and he's got to do a better job of making decisions. But i the jets is is. I'm with you. Because robert solace i go round is going to be with a rookie quarterback in new york. And he's got enough pressure as the coach. And so and you already. You're just three years removed from missing on what was supposed to be the best quarterback in the organization's history. Now joe name his most public but the people expected darnold to be that guy right. Yeah even though you may not have the pizzazz broadway joe when you draft a guy third you expect him to be a ten time pro bowler eight time pro bowler and a guy that you just. Okay we're good there for the next decade while it didn't work so now you're looking at okay now. We're relying on another kid to come in and do it. So i think that's a high anxiety. Ridden place all right tyler. On the other side. I would imagine you're team at atlanta. And can even though there's anxiety with the first year coach and jacksonville with herb urban meyer and with et nba draft running back and reunited with with trevor lawrence. They got some leeway there. But i would imagine you're guys in so i mentioned they're feeling pretty good today on the other side of the ridden i would imagine. Arthur smith of he smokes a cigar sitting back thinking i got kyle pits deutz up. Feel pretty damn good about this. When i would imagine. They're one of those teams. This wasn't the first pick of the draft but is sitting there saying we got no anxiety. This is close to camp. Mrs we have. I would imagine. I don't know if you went on saw the fan base On twitter or people. You know tyler. But i have a hunch that they loved the pick correct. Yeah there's the people that still wanna justin fields. That weren't necessarily the big fans of the pick. But i know they'll come around. I honestly think that atlanta is one of four teams where they feel like they're pick was an absolute slam. Dunk convey. don't need to stress. I feel like it's atlanta jacksonville. Detroit with sue all and New england obviously with mack jones. Those are the fourteen where they can sit back. Relax not have to worry about anything else. Everyone else i feel has at least a little bit of concern. Not so much as the guy's gonna pan out but did we pick the right guy but those four specifically i think they can. I'll just sit back and be fine. You know who else has got a cigar. But they're not sure they're lightning just yet and not because they don't think they're going to be a star but because of all the banter about the other guy they should've taken or they thought that people thought they are going to be a star is cincinnati quarterback coming off you draft chase and you say okay. We know he's going to be great. But can we get a alignment in a sack around. Can we answer that. I don't know how anybody can be disappointed with chase. But i would also say the like well the soule end up being. I think there's that. But i think they have just little yet because i know how chase can't succeed with borough. I don't and they're reunited because they were obviously teammates. But i just. I think this was a wise pick i do. And there's probably some arguing so yeah i think we've we've kind of covered and i if you're if you're the miami dolphins you gotta feel good two guys o. J. about waddell. I think so and your senate again. We mentioned earlier set. It feels like to okay. You give to the full run this year. Like gloves off. Let's go in if it looks like it's not going to like be your thing moving forward your acid still to move on and bring somebody else in you know what you have if it if it goes south you have assets and first rounder. That's would be only one full year starting that if you didn't like him and say yeah let's say you finish nine and seven with your team are eight eight and he had a decent year but not what you thought that you that he was the reason you weren't eleven and five. Well then you ship them with a couple first rounders and you go from the seventeenth. Pick to what the forty niners did. And you're sitting in the three hole and whoever else the guy is for next year right so you have that luxury as well. It's it's very good point sports. Talk seven hundred number four. John clayton the professional. Join us in about twenty five minutes here. Thirty minutes and roll through our number four on a post first round draft.

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