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Planet. That's a tally billionaire, Bob. On the last. I look you're still a member of the planet earth. It's one of my top favorite planet. I sent you a text message earlier pointing out Chris Davis's remarkable to forty seven batting average four straight years. And what do you do you send his program is pro baseball reference taback me, and I felt like I already know this. No, I knew it when we wanted to find out if anyone else had ever remotely done anything like that. And boop did is work. Mookie Wilson to seventy six three straight years. That's pretty damn good. How did you find that one out the five thirty eight dot com website, which is the all numbers and suing thing up in New York that does mostly Stockton stuff. They dabble in a lot of sports, and they had written about Chris Davis earlier in the year and mentioned Mookie Wilson. So I've found that story within a minute. Breeze through it saw the milky whiff Mookie real Wilson reference. You style you go to Twitter and search Chris Davis. You'll find that story very easily and speaking of shorter you should follow boop on Twitter at boop stats B, O P as in Paul boop stats, and this whole world is tach will be sent to you free of charge to Bob can figure out a way to charge you. He's working on it as we speak. What he got tonight is to return a bunch of things just like you said Chris Davis something they'd never been done before. As a couple of things that happened this week that never been done before. Big daddy Brockhall. The Red Sox Monday had a cycle the first cycle and major league baseball postseason history. There have been fifteen hundred sixty three postseason games again fifteen hundred and sixty three. Wow. And he is the only one to ever hit for a cycle. You know, the way mine work. My mind works is I wondered if any Phillies never gotten close in postseason games. And we found two Phillies that missed it by one home run Jay Johnstone in game three of the nineteen seventy six and LCS against the reds and Milt Thompson in the seventeen fourteen or whatever that World Series loss to the Blue Jays was in ninety three. They both missed a postseason cycle by only a home run, which is odd because it's usually the triple that's the harder one to get correct. Guess it is, you know, mill his double triple L as I hit in that World Series game and actually came to the plate in the eighth with a chance to Homer and it for the cycle, but I believe he grounded out. So, you know. Yeah. Also on Monday, big daddy, the Atlanta Braves, and you have to listen to the wording of this carefully. Okay. The Atlanta Braves and Cleveland Indians were both eliminated on Monday from postseason play. They both lost their series on that seem might Monday night to Washington, we add this last night joke. And I can add one go ahead. The Blackhawks lost. There you go. And there's another I think there's another team in the mix. Okay. In American Indian a reference chiefs one. They did. I thought there was one more. But maybe not a good job. Good job. You see you? You beat me to that one. So there you go. I can't take credit for it or call a call with it. Yeah. That's somebody mentioned it to me on Facebook. So I certainly wanted to pass it along. It was interesting to me the flyers hold on hold on, by the way that that caller. You might want to look into this is nickname is boob stats real. And just saying, Bobby. There's people trying to rip you all found there. Why would I want to look into boobs? Why wouldn't you want to look before big daddy did two things night one of which they they put in their post game notes and one and what I found on my own are they allowed eight goals tonight. It was the most goals they've ever allowed in a home opener. And that's they put that in their notes. And that's how we know that. But they've also allowed eight goals in a game for the fifty ninth time in their history regular season and playoffs and in none of the previous fifty eight times. Have they allowed eight gate goals to a team that had been shut out the previous game the sharks for Monday afternoon in the islanders and came in here and scored eight goals. No other team had scored that many goals against the flyers coming off a shutout. You would think they'd be chomping at the bit at the being shot at and maybe would well now eight Kohl's is asking a lot and four like in the first seventeen seconds or something. It was just I I sat down to watch TV at my wife, and I looked at the score not even knowing if the game it started yet. And it was tuned offing that was two nights in a row that happened to me. It was like three one Red Sox on Monday night. And then I turn my head for a minute and looked back up, and it was twelve to one tonight the flyers. Yeah. A restaurant called quick water. And it was I I don't know what the two one three nothing whenever when I looked up. And then I looked up again. There was seven hanging up there. Red Sox was scoring every commercial when I looked at that one over there. So couple eagles things big daddy. They have yet to score twenty four points in game. Their high for the year is twenty three Shadley is fifty two years of Super Bowl play. No team has ever reached the Super Bowl without cracking twenty four points at least once in their first five games. All right. I give up. How do you find that one? That was a very simple process on pro football reference dot com. You simply go through their little play index searching for the teams with the most games under twenty three points in the first five games of a season, and you can use as one of your filters played in the Super Bowl talking about return on what's amazing about all this. He can't work his GPS. Spell it. Also big daddy. The you know eagles team has ever made the playoffs after having failed to crack twenty four points in the first five games of. Achieve aren't even more. I wouldn't have thought that I really wouldn't have the only team that ever went through entire sixteen game season without scoring twenty four points. And reaching the playoffs was the nineteen seventy eight Atlanta Falcons big daddy. Nine thousand nine hundred seventy eight hundred they beat the eagles in college. Oh game. Dan did a year with goal? Field goal by the guy by the non field goal kicker. Correct. Yes. Dick Romeo coach at team. Isn't he? Yes. He is. Nick Nick gets hurt during the year. He doesn't replace him. He uses the punter Mike, Michelle. And it just did not work. You know, he missed an extra point early in the game. And then Mr. field goal at the end and. It is just one of hundreds of sad losses in Philadelphia. Sports lure that. We forget to remember too. Well. I have a question for you. Big data might be able to help me with just something that popped into my head in the last twenty five minutes. Lynn Bill Joseph returned the fumble. The key fumble for sixty four yards for a touchdown by the Vikings on Sunday. And by the way, there's been a return touchdown six of the last eight Vikings eagles games, but limbo Joseph's three hundred twenty nine pounds. I think he might be the heaviest player ever to score a touchdown against the eagles three hundred and twenty nine pounds. Yeah. I looked at some, you know, all the return touchdowns against them in the last thirty years, and none of the guys that I could see were quite that big. So should ever scaling hands-on just for those moments like the truck stops along the turnpike. You cannot enter this end zone. If you're this bigger this heavy how not how old? How old again how how he is the free. Twenty nine pounds. But he did not score a touchdown against the eagles. But when I when I went to check dot com and search for TD scores over three hundred and twenty nine pounds. He came up. But then I went and checked touchdowns and they were not against eagles. I believe you had to in a regular season. And you had the one in the Super Bowl. Yes. He did where which infuriated Walter Payton Vance if I remember. Yeah. Absolutely. I I get that. Yes. So I'm not going to the fridge now. He's wait. Let's see three fifty that must've been after breakfast. One quick eagles. Good note before I get to my my Tennessee cheese. Noted the week. The eagles are seven and two all time at MetLife stadium big daddy. That's pretty good. Yeah. One win against the jets and six and two against the giants. You know? So it's this week. Which is I know is short is also a little frustrating like to have a little bit of, you know, something bright there for for the green and white Leslie drew Brees broke the all time passing yardage record on Monday. And I've been putting up the progression of that record quite a bit over the last month from when Sammy ball broke to ten thousand yard market nineteen forty five swinging Sammy ball. Yeah. Lincoln Sammy ball through the Y A and Bobby Lane's and Fran Torkington analogy. Drew Brees breezes the tenth guy on that list. So people wanted to know who the next guy to might do it could be I looked at two guys. And if Carson Wentz for instance, keeps up his average passing yards per game. As it is right now. And never misses the game. He would pass breezes current turtle in game six of the twenty thirty four season. Meanwhile, all the cheese, Patrick Mahomes. If he keeps up his two hundred ninety nine point five average again without getting injured he would pass breezes. Current total game sixteen of twenty thirty two. And now in you, you'll be in front of your television and could your Cheech fan. Yeah. And I'll probably still be watching Andy Reid coach somewhere. Maybe. Good stuff as always follow. Bob on Twitter at boop stats at spe-, O P. Boop stats you won't regret. It. It's a great. Great follow. And I always enjoy having you on the show. My man as I do with you. You have yourself a good day. We're going to take oh gosh is on I ninety four w and there was a good spot. Last time. I talked to the one thing I didn't touch on was you know, the quarterback controversy about touching him killed a quarterback controversy. One thing they can do is just let the offensive lineman hold. I mean, really I mean, it just it just, you know, treat them like we use them for what they are the praetorian guard. They're allowed to hold on the quarterback gets often three seconds, and you wouldn't have many defensive lineman sacking the quarterback. Now, why maybe some people would think wait a minute. Offensive lineman allow no hold. I would have to really investigate that before. I give you a yes or no it, but there is nothing more infuriating. Then owning call particularly when you're told since I was five years old. Did it? They wanted to could call holding on every single play. Exactly now, I would not let running backs who are assigned to pick up blitzes. Do it. I would not let them do it. Because then I the one way you could still sack a quarterback would be with blitzes where you know, the offense align just there was just too many guys coming coming towards the pocket, and they just couldn't pick up. All the all the guys. Let me get what you're saying. Here. You're saying you're allowed. Offensive lineman a whole, but it that defensive linemen gets passed him. Then he's allowed the Hammond a quarterback as hard as he wants defensive lineman but running backs, you know, people that are given the job of picking up as they went. I didn't explain right. Your defensive lineman. You're saying Athens alarming are now allowed old. Yeah. Okay..

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