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Of course you're not going to have something that doesn't. I think maybe there might have been that. Handful of times where? Something maybe didn't go as planned, so I'm in my mind. It's like will pass all the questions than we won't have to start from scratch. You know, because of maybe something in in the past, but that's not fair. And I couldn't even remember if you know I. I couldn't even think of a time, so you know. Yeah! I-. Thousand percent should have just been like great. That's awesome, good job. but I didn't and I'm sorry for that Marcia it's things that we gotta work on speaking of which. Felt very one-sided. Even this out for you. So the reason we start with that story is. To say I think it might be a wife thing to asking questions right, but here's the thing and we're going to get general right here. The does feel like a wife thing and as a man. It feel it doesn't feel like yours. Questions are out of curiosity. There's a difference between the hold on one second. Debate! There's a difference between A. Out of curiosity and being challenged when you questions. The Way Y'all wives, Sam Sam everyone on. Overly generalizing right now for the sake of the argument is. It feels like we're being challenged..

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