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Was his proper name certificate. And this was May I briefly talk about Frank before you go on with your story. So, Donna. Some things are like a bit. You know, It's kind of comedy for the radio. Yeah, Donna was talking about this fly casually saying, you know, there's been this fly in my kitchen and he's just like they're all the time. But then I started to talk about how she kind of looked forward to seeing him. No. If I had your your dog Max had recently passed away. Yes. So she was in? No, It's sad. I can't make fun of her. No, you still can't done because you kill it. And then I'm like I don't know if I can. So I started like waking up and go in seeing the fly and going good morning and talking to it. I know it and then it was great. Too bad. We don't have access to it. I don't think any more. Marley even recorded a song. Um, as a part of after he did pass away of sort of eulogizing, Um, Frank, it might be somewhere deep in there. If you search Frankie or Frank look under. It should be under Donna's telltale signs that folder that I started. But then she really developed this affinity so she would talk about Frankie and he's there in my fly like an unlikely friend and then, uh, like it's a rahm, come in. And then Frankie, you know, stopped coming around as much I don't want to use to graphic of terminology here for poor Donna. But Frankie stopped coming by. And so we can only assume that she kicked it. The worst That happened. Uh huh..

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