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Here you're hawks mike collins and chris maxwell all right we are burner let's go right to the heart mike's we have walter from coventry walter a merry christmas how and my friends hey listen to this is welcome mclaughlin we none other than the sinise i just wanted to claw with the guy that no explicit is the first of all thanks bottle cut to thank you people could win a whole people's feet to the fire for what you're doing so i know it isn't easy i you know what i did it for many years yet i guess you have to get out but got you don't really you guys are doing a heck of a job in keeping people you know you know informed and and what's going on yeah i think we'll we'll discuss it with the state you know what i mean it just we don't have a of revenue problem we gotta spending problem correct george even just too many people taking cookies audited job or not enough people putting cookies in their job but it i think the reason that they do all these things guises because they just have there the insatiable need for for money they just have to keep doing this they they they need plenty so badly walltowall tolls of the mother lode at is dead dade this deals all of the final through i know now walter i can ask you a question what now and we're gonna change gears here a little bit now walter is one of the oldest seasonticket holder so the pawsox how about that okay i am the s okay eddie site leg the best seats the house walt of what he attacked what's your opinion well you know i'd probably go to one game a year i give all the rest of the tickets away but you know i mean i'm even having trouble given a tickets away piece of the wanna go anymore so you know it's i i as far as the plus i a concern no i mean i don't think we should be financing that absolutely not you know and and and i value opinion walter visual pretty prominent business guy self medium in rhode island and a people unaware that wall to all the straight absolutely okay and and and later on as an of selling them out in the needs here's the guy rhode island business guy when i.

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