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All right rasic world what are you doing what are you what are you doing right now i'm sorry maybe james favorite movie whatever but i need someone who's willing to come here and redo the scene okay wow so you have to answer this easy question which was the best character in black panther poop is easy it's also a subjective i don't know if you talking about all right yes yes suri right here we go produce going i'm going quick i see him looking come on hey we should name katherine katherine katherine oh you guys are in this to your in this to your in this too so john you're going to be the narrator james you're going to read you're gonna re all like the important actions and stuff as directions okay all right at the want catherine you're going to be clear all right i don't like this and i'm gonna be i'm gonna be chris brown i'm gonna be maybe only owen but i don't like okay all right all right how about van we wanna do a scene breyer let me get it in the scene talked him out my tyron to random stores rex's and stuff man okay go ahead exterior a world jurassic world day in walks claire are powerful bad ass scientists who also happens to run the day to day of jurassic world 'cause she got it like that she's dressed head to toe in white except for his for her alread uc's.

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