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Things can go wrong and they get damaged that's the first thing that happens before you develop cancer so the less of cells of periphery getting the best room we think that sunny if you restrict calories by enough which she do on you fall days that will stop the cells with writing and it also potentially protects all cells against any other damage they may face so about is constantly being abused by different toxins and things that can damage all cells and all of those cools not just come about other diseases and we think that fasting helps all cells be better protected after say bobby i find monti's report their coins encouraging i ought to try this myself is for and fostering i know people who do and swear by it i may be able to help you out as well let's incients on to tell you about scientists working with mice have eliminated the mouses designed for suga by rewiring it's brain and they've also identified to specific brain regions which respond to sweet and bitter thais and they managed to ulta the mice response to the tastes so good into the hall of the problem by just sort of dampening down appetite and i imagine tinkering around with responses to certain fate stopping those sugar cravings as often noon slump biscuits the be out the way but in all seriousness that this science can be progressed up to humans it could possibly help intriguing eating disorders so they found the bits of the brain that's responsible for triggering a locking fisher though they mice were given different tastes sweet bitter and the cells amounts and on that tongue sent back signals to the insular cortex part of the brian lehrer see that and that labels the taste of speech about by using brain imaging techniques this is how they saw it but they revealed that the neurons from the insular cole.

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