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Chased out a restaurants by a mob. Oh, you're not gonna use the my we're totally a mob. It is without a doubt. There's no other. It's just put up a mauve stop that is mobbing behavior. Matt we already did that already said they weren't mobs. No. It's not my right. People who are upset and angry with the way the way the country is going and the policies. Please before you jump in. Okay. By the way, we just got this in premier Zona. The signatures the signatures of the votes, they're counting. Apparently don't match. The signatures on record. Well, the president sent out a tweet is a time to call for a new election a special election to protect our. The democratic process here anyway, so we've seen all of this happened a secretary Nielsen and Ted Cruz and his wife, Heidi and Pam Bondi. And and Elaine Chao and Mitch McConnell, and so many others. Kevin McCarthy, don't forget we had those two Republican politicians running in Minnesota punched one was a woman other got a concussion put them out of commission for six weeks got cold cock from behind in a restaurant. He said at the time I didn't sign up for that. I don't think anybody signs up for that. And it's just sad. And I've watched this happen in the course of my life without many details. It's it's been one after another to be very blunt with you over the years, depending on how intense the political debate is at any one given time I I'm not somebody that winds. I just I keep it to myself. I take care of business. That's it. And you know, the worst was when our friend girl who worked for us wonderful wonderful woman who were all still friends with the lease who's gone on to do. Great things still great friends with. I think she likes Linda better than me. What do you think? I think she always liked me better than you. Well, we have what we thought was a potential anthrax scare and she had to spend hours and hours and hours isolation. Don juniors had that happen. Recently, nobody in the press really talked about the REIs and scares the President Trump and secretary of or the head of the FBI director Ray or the CIA director Gina hospital or Defense Secretary General Mattis that happened at them it happened to Don jR, as wife had to go to the hospital. That was another scare that happen. None of this was talked about. And then all of a sudden under the pipe bomb issue evolves. And because it was going to prominent Democrats all of a sudden now the press Trump's fault. It's not Trump's fault. It's the person who did it fault. I didn't say that the Bernie supporter that shot Steve Scalise and shot Republicans field that Bernie Sanders is in any way, responsible for what this not supporter of his does. He's not zero responsible. If you listen to CNN there so outraged that they're being called out saying fake news isn't a threat or saying, they suck is in a threat. It's how people feel if anyone wants to lay a hand on anybody. I will defend the myself from there. We saw now. Brian Kilmeade was stalked. He'll join us later in the program and these guys followed him, but like forty five minutes sticking a camera in his face. He goes down into the New York City subway system when he's down there. They announce on the subway when he's in in the subway, they say, oh, this is Brian Kilmeade. He's friends with the president say what you want to say to him. Like creating a mob. It's everything that Maxine Waters asks for. Did you see.

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