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Actually on a relief package for state and local governments that's being negotiated Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell says there's no urgency for immediate action Richard Cantu ABC news coming up on six oh three another fourteen deaths reported yesterday raising Florida's coronavirus death toll to seventeen hundred thirty five Miami Dade County has a state high four hundred ninety deaths there are just under forty one thousand cases statewide Miami Dade said to enter phase one meanwhile every opening next Monday Palm Beach already partially back in business so the question remains when will Broward get the green light to our county commissioners are holding a special workshop today aimed at developing a safe free opening strategy my emails on my phone calls have all been ninety nine percent of all been we need the county to start opening business commissioner mark Bogen says he'd like to see things starting up again in a week or two it has to be done though with the way in which people understand businesses understand that if they don't operate in a safe way that we determine what safely and then they got to be close yes please beaches should reopen with conditions no vote will be taken today Eric Rodriguez newsradio six ten WYO D. at six oh four nearly approve coronavirus test is coming to South Florida governor Ron DeSantis said the state will soon be able to begin to offer the antigen testing which was approved by the FDA just last week antigen tests produce faster results but with more false negatives than other tests almost forty three million Americans meanwhile are in danger of losing their health insurance from their employer resubmit this pandemic the study states that from March fifteenth to April twenty fifth thirty million people filed for unemployment and that number will most likely rise the unemployment rate was at fourteen point seven percent as of may the eighth some Americans will be able to take advantage of expanded Medicaid benefits under obamacare but millions of other people will not have access to those benefits that is mark Mayfield reporting coming up on six oh five the economic picture a gloomy one for South Florida for a long time to come sal Nuzzo with the James Madison institute says the areas but without its economic bread and butter for nearly two months on the terrorism side alone the state realizes about six billion dollars of its ninety billion ninety three billion dollar budget for tourism and on the tail pack site you got accounted about thirty four billion dollars he says more than two thirds of Florida jobs are small businesses and those at cannery opened may have a lot of trouble doing so just twenty five percent capacity in phase one six oh five United Airlines will now let passengers know ahead of time if their flight is expected to be more than seventy percent full the move comes after United flight on Saturday left many passengers feeling scared and shocked every single seat was occupied making social distancing impossible under the new policy announced yesterday United will let passengers worried about covert nineteen switch flights or cancel and get a travel credit America's biggest mall owners eager to re open Simon property group announcing it plans to have about half of its properties operating again within the next few days the company operates about two hundred malls and outlet centers around the nation including Dade land sawgrass the keys outlet at Miami International malls Simon made the announcement while releasing its first quarter earnings report which showed a more than twenty percent drop drivers on the turnpike are starting to pull off again and grab a donut burger food services are up and running at turnpike classes after being closed in March because of the covert nineteen pandemic the Florida department of transportation says pluses must follow the social distancing guidelines and restrictions to what restaurants face in the first phase of the economic re opening with the addition Monday of Palm Beach county the governor's first phase of re opening applies to all counties except Miami Dade and Broward which have the most cove at nineteen cases in the state the department of transportation discontinued food service at the turnpike pluses March twenty first I'm John Conrad newsradio six ten W. Y. O. D. current virus it's affected all of us and we want to hear from you please go to W. I. L. D. dot com to complete our quarantine survey we promise it short I'm Natalie Rodriguez Jimmy good morning all right good morning thank you the president call on some of the governors across the country that is right you know the president or the president the governor of Pennsylvania called the citizens of Pennsylvania okay about that straight ahead it's six twelve rabbits extent I'm usually a six MW I OD finally radio you can actually see just follow our Instagram going down the road we're looking at W. Y. O. D. dot com well the markets of just been nuts right and I know you're worried about retirement we all are in okay if you get five ten or twenty years to go you got to start thinking about not putting all your chips in the Wall Street casino I mean how many times we had this in in the last thirty years you know you had the.

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