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On self driving cars apple also high loads of the tessler employees. Michael shah who schwer kuch. I think i say his settlement took on run-up wrong. He's the senior director of engineering for special projects that the car formerly tesla's. Vp of engineering. Big names went from tesla to apple. And they're not working on iphone. Cases are let's face it katie. Herbert from morgan. Stanley is an analyst and commentator and she said smartphones are a five hundred billion dollar annual industry. Apple has a third of it. The mobility market is ten trillion. Apple needs a two percent share of this market to match their iphone business. And of course people don't replace cars as quickly as they do smartphones. I know that i'm not pretending they done. But it's a big deal up a coupla concussed billions of dollars and take years likely. The reason why apple is talking to a partner rather than doing it all themselves as automotive news europe other technology companies wanting to expand into cars have been looking today partnerships as well as the iphone assembler. The time knees company foxconn. They put phones together for apple. They said last month. They working with jelly volvo and pollstar fame to make vase according to a new report from a longtime analyst. It sounds like apples picks The ag mp platform that is hyundai group. Say hyundai kia genesis. The volt platform. That's going to be the platform for apple's upcoming first electric car. According to gizmodo and his most recent apple analyst meeting lending credence to the rumors that apple's planning to partner with hyundai for the production of its vehicle said that apple had picked the agm platform is the chassis to build upon it and apple looking to invest in kia. These the news over the last twenty four hours several billion dollars as well. None of this confirmed by the white just pulling this story together for you. From various sources analysts people in the apple wells only token about phones and tablets watches all of a sudden having to talk about cars at. It's interesting right. The announcement will only come when they are one. Hundred percent. ready is my prediction. Having been an apple follower for a long time switch from android to apple pretty early. My my first apple phone was the three g the three gs. I wasn't on the first iphone but ever since you know watches and tablets and everything else. So i'm fully in the system. I you know. I i know i sound like i'm beaten down a little bit. I kind of am. I'd like to be able to move around but deny re buying the absence stuff. So i'm well in that wells. Not so much of a nerd. As i used to be like watching the keynote addresses and iphone launches sit down and watch the livestream and stuff. Then don't do that anymore but be really interesting. If apple did move into qasr who. They work with with an apple. Would you expect it to have those apple values and just be like a big glass. Shiny thing interesting isn't it. they can make They can make nice consumer products but a car is a different beast. And i'm curious. I'm looking forward to it and i call on white next. We'll talk about the spanish. Bits of vw sat and that performance. Some kupwara now in order to stick it to the middle lane hogger. That you're about to blast past cooper new l. bone which is out this year is going to have a push to post pass boost button. According to the boss of cooper wayne griffiths an ep. He's been talking to top gear in an interview. The elbow born is the cooper version of the vw. Id three now. The three has not that off in the south chance ready well i car on vw electric platform and say it. We're gonna make the cy alborn. But i think they realized that if you're gonna if you're going to sell a site it's going to be cheap and they don't wanna sell what is basically. The same car is the rate which is basically the same as the gulf but then call it that at a discounted price mass not gonna work so that badging at kupwara which is the more performance and therefore you can charge more expensive bit of say at all works out nicely and of course as it's a pro they're going to give it a ton of performance the l. bone is just version of the. Id three but with some more aggressive. Styling i must admit i prefer the look of it and Also volcan we'll do their own all badged. The hot hatch version of the three three hundred horsepower plus all wheel drive looking forward to it. Wind griffiths at cooper said this any top gear. I would say we call it impulse. You can have power on demand. Do you have pure acceleration when you need a push to pass button to go fast. Things like boost on demand sporty suspension steering brakes in the handling experience. We're looking to do even high powered versions of the cooper elbowed i've driven both the. Id three and the l. bone. And i think the cooper cooper it's i think the cooper is cooper it's important to note that the cooper stays authentic in terms of handling pure electric. Cars are designed in a different way when you get into cornering handling braking and steering there's a big amount of differentiation you can create that. I'll puzzling to the top gear article. If you want to read off next vehicle you four. Very highly rated entry level version now on sale after the pre sale of the top spec first edition which is basically every option box takes. Vw is now starting pre sale of all the other models. Same lineup as the three. And i forget what they are now pro the life the max the maxi pro the maxi pad. I forget what they will. But you know there's a. There's like seven of them in the lineup that includes versions now with a smaller battery on the id four deliveries to customers in europe and china begin march in the usa from the middle of the year says electra of the three newly added trims or three of them pure city in style have got the smaller battery now and the id. That is the fifty two kilowatt hour. Pack hundred and twenty five kilowatt engine in comparison to the first edition which is has been selling seventy seven kilowatt alpaca fifty two and one hundred and fifty kilowatt motor one hundred twenty-five in germany. The pure line starts at thirty eight thousand euros. Germany's megara incentives off. Do you take them off. That's twenty eight eight as twenty nine thousand euros off. Subsidies wows us The revealing the other. Id full versions vw. Are- it's writing that goal of building one and a half million. Evt's in two thousand twenty five big number butts me. Think tesla could do a hundred thousand this year next year over million with berlin and austin online so really they're still playing catch up to tesla but still look if if tesla might one and a half million and vw. Make one and a half million these by twenty twenty-five we're all going to be quids in more choice. Great talking tesla elon. Musk view with sandy monroe. He is the guy who has a company which takes apart not only cars. But you know. Fridges microwaves reverse engineers cells that knowledge to the competitive. So takes you know has taken apart. Things like a bmw. I three down to every nuts and bolts every every winding of the motor up and then writes these huge like three thousand page reports every picture in there and the cost of every nut and bolt and sells it for hundreds of thousands back to their car making competitive He is kaz gone from being very critical of tesla to being a self confessed. Invest in them So he about a year ago he Invested money in tesla's shares. And so doesn't he doesn't really talk about that. He admitted it once in a podcast recently. And so you know i. I mentioned that only because he's got a lot of personal money on the so he's gone from this tesla my terrible 'cause person to.

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