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Don't like those I don't like. I don't like nuts. Never trust a cookie with a woman's name. Oh, Pecan, Sandy, It's Kevin for ur. Hi, Lina do spice of Well, That's his voice in the office in the office. He has a conversation or Robert California office fans will know what I'm I'm sure it's true. I mean, Few of those also come back into blog's traffic. I 55 cell phones between Veterans Parkway and Weber Your stop and go due to an accident. Also on the Dan Ryan inbound your slow from Stevenson been burning and change. 90 history to downtown 20 minutes. Eisenhower inbound is flowing. 17 The 1st 3 92 The old Post office 30 From Wolf is 18 and the Kennedy O'Hare downtown, taking 21 of Julie Cronus, and that's traffic on one of 35 kids have them step. It's pride, my baby, But this year there will be no parades. So it's pride Castle. I don't think so, because pride rolls on at home and bounty is proud to help pick it up. Come on, People pick up your glasses, Pick up your phones and post and pick up your rainbow flags, because even when we're all sing, and we still have to give a message out that What bounty is partnering with I Heart radio can't cancel Pride Variety show on June 25th The quicker picker upper is helping pick it up a pride, attention veterans and separating servicemembers veterans. Florida wants you to know that Florida is the nation's best state for veterans, and we want you here. Florida is a leader in growth sectors like aerospace, manufacturing, logistics and more or veterans employment and training team provides one on one support during your transition to help connect you with veteran.

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