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Yoga the payments made them as mentoring dot com this cut the sounds let's get it on but there can be a six third but right now we're gonna get back delivered the debate let's get some bales raincoat we've been able to church thing in other news brian rob porter mmhmm general kelly sarah huckabee president donald trump this situation well i was on skopje's insure yesterday with a bob in the cross and i was saying that this was donald trump ryan make others as secretary of stuff secretary robert scott in um text me and say well we would know who rob porter was we didn't know he wasn't until this incident friday and i totally agree with the i had no clue who he was um until until the these stories broke now i do believe that this is a drip drip process own everybody in president don't trump administration yeah end the administration the administration's not doing very well a pr i think that is a of the bold statement miniature statement they don't know how to react to issues like this a glutton allen that the very has been a horrible putt roche's yes yes so that they now that i'm saying you're in it now so they got to do with but the problem i got with this is that rob porter allegedly and you know seems to be to x watson there's been some domestic vows goingto right he's these theft secretary of the prison the united states and he's been dating who hicks reid who is in the white house and she has been barred from commenting on this because of her original a post that she dictated to for release was very pro him right and so again you've got inside jobs going off over this guy right but here's my thing general killer respect them a lot love everything is for our country he still serving a country to this day love them um for his work but as of late questioning summa his choices of words of backing of some people in some of the things he say donald trump made the statement on that i thought was true in his tweet but i think it was the.

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