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We are back with Gavin Lee. Davis is latest book haunted horror of Habur Ford west as we talk about this house that was built in eighteen ninety and we were talking about the individuals who were there from eighty nine to ninety one Gavin. Go ahead. I'll let you complete that story. Thank you, very very much. And can I just say what you're listening to stay? I really appreciate it so much. I've got a gift for all of you. We just if you could remind me later on. We'll do that. No sign up. No, nothing like that. Just that three gift. Just as my way, saying thank you to coast to coast on everyone because I do appreciate that. So where I left off with me and my girlfriend went bad. And we think we the victim of a home invasion of glory. So my my full is we need to put it through the skylight run the risk because we'd hit all kinds of terrible things in the ease of of people being big all kinds of horrible things for pin numbers. And I can't details and things of that nature. So I push myself against it. And I actually felt I'd hit someone run up the stairs heavy boots. And then I thought the dog I was pushed if and you have a side, and it was the most terrifying night. I can imagine. It was the scariest thing I've ever encountered. I said, we don't have guns. I didn't. I didn't have a baseball by do. Now. Not that I would have helped bats. It it kind of subsided. And we had the heavy for such as we hit a big bang and then silence. And now all of this happened in twenty thirty seconds hasn't played out over a long period of time from waking up to everything happen. It's been twenty seconds. And we've had a fight and. Cinematic time when we were like we need to we think they've gone we need to get out. We need to get the police we need to get the phone downstairs. And obviously being the man that that was my job to decide you're convinced people a broken into your house. Aren't you? There's someone in the highest they smashed open the hives that haven't been startled about that. They have they've kicked open the window. They rampage through the house opening doors. Knock things smashing. I am. We've had all of this. And it was unmistakable. It wasn't anything. It could have been anything else. We'd been big old. So I got up and we made a big fast saying that we call the plea. So that we had a we had a weapon on us all these things. Just in case. I'm going down the stairs into the living room. Was the scariest thing I've ever had to do. Because you just imagine see someone hand grabbing they may have a weapon you don't. Yeah. Did they have anything? They could have taken have guns. I I've got a mug, and I made my way time say ten on the lights and just expected to see the entire house just trashed. And it was it was it was active is nothing. Nothing. When I expected to see the window the kittens in from the windows last year. There was nothing the front door was locked from the inside the by the windows were locked nothing apart from it. It's just a strange thing. It's just now, you're even more baffled, aren't you? When it's happening. All the only thing has happened days on a such a strange thing. But two things one is all CDs because we had later CDs later, CDs are being put into a spiral on the carpet may about fifty four CD's are being put into a spiral on a picture of me, and my girlfriend have been taken off the wall and put by the door. So my girlfriend is I she was happening. I said, I don't know. Someone's being hit, but they can't be near and she came downstairs, and she kicked the CD and she just sat on the phone. She's crying, and she sort of picture of us by it though. And she took it as a sign by the was locked from the inside. And it was on a chain from inside the back door was locked inside. And it was on a chain. So even if somebody had a key to for whatever motive, whatever if someone would have had we we didn't have enemies in how long had you been in the house when this happens that that you had in. Surround two months. Welsh time Okay. SaaS the They'll top population it'll one be a thousand very slowly two thousand people maybe off, for twenty example. twenty five thousand At the beginning, a always the mundane. large So we geographical small little things area isn't of about as a hundred important thousand documents game missing. on. And It's then just a very we old time started arguing, lots you know, we'd of had winding a very streets. good relationship. I it's a river And town now the precious on a hill of with owning a huge a house castle. in the financial If pressures. anyone wants to We go into started my Instagram arguing kind, which is the paranormal we'd hear chronicles, footsteps walking across I've the, actually Dan. taken I remember some pictures one night. of the castles I was on of some of the nice on my own in the highest. historical I've sat locations the dining I in avid member west like his yesterday. if anyone's I was reading is a book on called Instagram heartbreak paranormal chronicles, and triumph favors you'll find by all of recipe, that. And you can enjoy show Michaels you can have and a look not at the time. the living And room. it's We just had a cat it's very and quaint we hit footsteps reddish go old above time. me in Seeing in the movies. ethic conversion, The we we and went I to hit visit the door the house open. in And I went to the two department thousand of stairs. and two And the cat is at the top the of the stays woman on. these It was all state big. agents didn't end Describing up and the something woman in the house didn't told even me get run off on the the so head I and the show count surrounded. is never She thing. said she left, And so she looks I remember so tired. just ten She'd gonna in on look every TV. my fan. We At looked around ten the house, on the radio and ten it was on a the beautiful lights summer's out of evening is just one of on the most the hashing peasant awful enough. nights advocate because We went upstairs, this thing master and there was a little view, and killed this story is where it in might get a little in bit. bedroom. She's like if you come to buy somewhere like, Challenging yeah. You for know, some maybe, people. and And I and wasn't again, that I keen mean to to be offend honest anybody with is just king. an opinion. I We think went it's headlong a fact. garden But it the house looks this very small entity from the outside. But with it's right ratchet off all the negativity. way back It would be off the house was valued at off that time a mistrust hundred twenty a five psychic five vampires. pined-, okay, It was which was it was like pre a parasite. credit crunch. Yeah. So, It would you know, pre thrive recession. So on that was misery quite with fry money. Okay. on And anxiety then and you depression, know from sales of marketing. and I ended up severely depressed and an alcoholic after living in is the Fremont. And I'm lucky I can't I suffer lackey I escaped back. I was like I was like in the book haunted Harv happened west vaccinations. I'm not here to ram it down antibodies freight. But this is the case I'm open to suggestion. Anyone can Email Email me at the paranormal chronicles AOL dot com with the fairies their experiences. I don't take it all on board. You know? I I'm not here to say. What is right? What was wrong? I as I say, there's not a personal life, the nosing, intricacies time, space, universe and human mind. There's so much. We don't know. But this thing it's rice on relation at five Pfizer, misery. So it dry. It drove a huge wedge between. Me and my girlfriend did a degree, but she went off, and she had an affair, and I ended up just being broken depressed alcoholic, and I've been so busy six years. Had be migrate. And it's help me support other people that dependency, so it's not all bad. But at the time, it was horrendous now, some people might be listening fishing. Well, all of this sounds like ordinary things. And it was it was terrible for me. But then I got approached by a couple of quick dying. I'm who lived in high ninety nine hundred ninety one did they seek you out. They what sorry did they seek you out Gavin to find you, okay? The hamsters secret. Okay. Because of. People want to sell the house. It's a small town and people love playing the guessing game where the high says, but at the end of the day people own the house, and they need to sell it. Now, I've actually started I fund to me. And if anybody I is like an eccentric millionaire and you want to help spider. You could buy a house, and we'll just have the scientists. You can't get rid of it right now can you for sale it's not my highest 'cause I no longer own it. I'd like to get you want to buy it again. Okay. If I'd go in again, I'd like to Rio knives is anybody living in the house now at the moment. Not you can't blame them. I guess it's constantly up for sale and and on the paranormal chronicles call my please support us on like, you can donate and anybody donates or even just buys the buck. If I ever own the house about is your ticket to stay in that, you know, have your skeptic or believe, I let you make your own mind up. You know, you can stay in the house. So the house is currently I don't keep hide it's still up for sale. I had done a lot of press. I've done a lot of national media here in the UK. And I did a big magazine. And I talked about my time in the house on how affected me and how I become dependency and say positive and helping others and I mail from women saying we used to live in is. Okay. And then she then fight streets, and then the number two high panicking. I'm van she sent me copies of it. The only agreements improve what they lived in the in. This is this is Diane an this is on. And I was really upset because I thought they might expose the highest. And then legally that could come back on me. But no, they were like we had a really bad time, the hives can we talk to you. So we map in my head. I was kind of over I left the house. It was done. I was telling the buck. I was helping others. I I was in the community of paranormal people, aren't you were a little curious weren't you? I was anxious. I'll be honest review on map with them in their home. And they were too lovely people in their fifties. And they've they've stayed with the federal even though it happened. You know, nearly twenty years previous over fifteen years previous..

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