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WCBS. Check the WCBS forecast, here's meteorologist Bill Dacre than upper level disturbance crossing. The tri-state early today means a few showers will linger into the mid day hours. But by the afternoon drying out as clouds break for some sunshine a bit breezy as well. Today's high fifty seven chilly tonight is that breezed is down low thirty eight in the suburbs of Forty-six in midtown. Cool tomorrow, we're dry partly sunny, high fifty nine briefly mile there Monday with clouds and showers ahead of another cold front, high sixty seven behind that front sunshine back Tuesday Wednesday, but cooler high each afternoon fifty eight. Right now, we have light rain in central park. Forty seven degrees, whom are one degree forty nine in Gordon city, forty eight in WCBS news time, ten twenty at drug sniffing dog is credited with catching a city corrections officer accused of smuggling pot into a Manhattan jail. Authorities say the dog named BUSTER busted officer Thomas Stewart as he tried to smuggle two bricks of marijuana into the Manhattan detention complex yesterday, the brick sized packages contained rubber balloons filled with marijuana officers. Also recovered one hundred forty dollars in cash they say Stewart had been paid to smuggle the pot to an inmate Stewart faces charges including receiving a bribe and promoting prison. Contraband, New Jersey's minimum wage is going up twenty five cents on New Year's day. The wage will be eight dollars eighty five cents an hour, beginning January first twenty nineteen the department of labor and workforce development says it calculates whether the. Needs to be adjusted each fall by resume reviewing consumer price index. Data New Jersey has one of eight states to adjust automatically based on living costs. The increase comes as governor. Phil Murphy pushes to raise the minimum wage to fifteen dollars an hour. WCBS news time ten twenty one..

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