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Out in the day kate of the foreseeable future it's not even the nineteen eighties i mean don't even way out there nineteen eighties when everybody's going to starve and die in the what in the nineteen eighties oh we have your spark all right it's hard to believe the nineteen eighty s thirty years ago nineteen eighty eight was thirty years ago she's just kills me yeah that hurts almost as much as kidney stones almost number six it's already too late to avoid mass starvation so it's dennis hayes that's it yeah it's it's already too late to avoid mass starvation so so this so is added by pat gray it's already too late to avoid mass starvation so in nineteen seventy chief organizer for earth day dennis as what a brilliant man okay well why bother then why should we do anything about it if it's already too late what are you doing stupid demographers agree that almost unanimously on the following grim timetable from nineteen seventy by nineteen seventyfive widespread famines will begin in india these will spread by nineteen ninetytwo include all of india pakistan china and the near east and africa all that by the year two thousand think of this or conceivably sooner oh south and central america will exist under famine conditions by the year two thousand now thirty years from now then the entire world with the exception of western europe north america and australia will be in famine that's why everybody in those countries and those continents are now dead.

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