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New York, Chapas, Mexico discussed on B&H Photography Podcast


There are some of them members are indigenous most of these photographs digital or analog because I would imagine animal film in developing and he's kind of exotic where you're working. Well, yes, it is. But I would say I've been photographs will kill killer analog their film photographs developed by Hotan Kilani sock and printed in the dark room. And these are all silver gelatin print. So one third of what is here is completely analog film photography and printed in silver gelatin. The rest is digital. Can we speak. Higest crowd easier also. Can you your role in this project share? I just recently got on board with Pablo any sack. And basically since they're mostly based in Chapas, they wanted some feet on the ground in New York, and I did my master's thesis in Chapas about five years ago and studied anthropology and human rights. And I've just been really interested in how many different layers. There are to tell the story of Chavez through every single generation, and there's just been a lot of polarize views, and a lot of as Pablo is saying reclaiming of the indigenous narrative there and sort of celebrating, but also trying to adapt that narrative into the way. Mexico is evolving as a nation. We're familiar with your work. When you were there at working on your degree. I was familiar with track. I'm gonna this. I know I know bunch of people there. Yeah. Pretty interesting like we didn't know how to expect with like their resolve the people looking at the pictures because the pictures are not pretty are more document. Some of them I really strong in the sense of why they were present. So we were, you know. Winston corrected, many of them are very strong and looking around, you're not so many. So what did they know how to spec how people will be e? Yeah, so so far is so interesting that we are having connections with people that are interested in Tijuana's and some of them, they just remember places or even though photo efforts that are in this exhibition. So has been really amazing. I just say that Chapas is a place that if you've been there, it really takes a hold of you. And so the people that you know have come by that have had any sort of contact with the region are just so excited to see the stories here in New York. We believe in the power of the image as an element to that been shaping a reality in the sense of memory, I have learned from kill to print and from his follows from his history. So that's the image that connected us and we are connected now with this project. And we trying to connect more people with a pictures with four of us with history. Bill is a great opportunity for all of working in Chiapas to connect to the larger world of autocracy. That's why we came. That's why we organized this exhibit because we know here in New York. There's such a strength of organizations and work in photography, and we think that it's worth for people to know about what's happening down in the south of Mexico, not just in Mexico City, but also for folks down there to connect to the organizations and the activity of photography. New York stood good job here. Thank you. Thank you very much. We hope you're enjoying this edition of the h. photography podcast. Send us a tweet at be h photo, video Pash tag h photo podcast. Okay. We speaking with Ron her div and Lauren Walsh of the seven project, and the pictures here are pretty startling who'd like to tell us about a little overview of the film and then Ron can give you some background. So it's a film about two photographs. One was taken in Panama thousand nine hundred nine..

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New York, Chapas, Mexico discussed on B&H Photography Podcast

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