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Behalf for three. Smile. It is. Sounds like something from the fifties. Hey, hey, let's go to the sock. Hop. Which is he from? I'm not sure the AAA buffalo. My buddy, but buddy bay but man Zion. Like they can put three guys on them. It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter at this level right now he is so much better than everybody else at that level. It's ridiculous comps for him earlier today on the show. And that's when you give. Yes, we know you're great when there's no real cops. So we did we did Charles Barkley and Blake Griffin. As as a cop. We're talking about rebounding inability to have hobbies. And. Yeah, the the explosiveness that of Blake. Yeah. And then you mentioned Sean Kemp a little bit more Blake to meet because of his ability that he so bouncy. He does remind me of Blake Griffin. Larry Johnson Johnson and Rodney Rogers, which which is probably on the lower end of the gas. I would agree Kemp. Rodney Rogers on week force where we give him from. I believe so was your weekend. Yeah. It'd been awake. But I'm definitely awake. When you when you came out. You know, the fact that you have so many times it speaks to how unique the talent. Is it speaks to how good he is. Right because we can come all these players who are really good in the NBA. And then he kind of speaks to the fact that there's no one right now playing like that. There's no one right now. There's not he's and he he's going number one. There's no way anybody's gonna get cute and last night cemented ABSA frigging Lutely, if there was any doubt. That's it. You can forget it. There's no owner. There's no GM. That's going to be say, y'all. We're gonna pass. We're just not there. No, I don't think so. Scouts really need to keep going. I mean. Have you seen dog? I mean, you want to be there pretty much. You know, you go to the game because you wanna see before the game starts. I wanna say do to warm up. Right. He wants to how they interact with their teammates bench. And there you don't see on TV. It's a joke. Now having said all that about Zion and all the flowers adjectives and all the pyro and ballyhoo around the name of Zion Williamson valley, here's the thing. I will tell you right now. RJ Barrett's can be the better pro you think so because that's going to be a guy that's sustainable in an offense going to be around for over a decade. Now, here's. He's going to be Terry commentary coming. Cummings was a fine player. But if he's Terry Cummings to say, oh, we screwed up secretary Cummings was exceptional. I wouldn't say Terry Cummings was really accept very good. If you compare compared to Michael Jordan, and yeah, you don't compare the two but Terry Cummings as a pro was phenomenal. He's bringing that northwest. Ars? Basketball.

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