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Three hundred pounds of Turkey three hundred and fifty pound appeal potatoes because one hundred and fifty pound it's the hotels way of giving. Thanks for the community and the hotel to give back to them. John Matthews on WMA Allen, WFAN dot com. And while first responders are being given Turkey dinners today. Former FBI director James call me and former attorney general Loretta Lynch got subpoenas for thanksgiving. House Judiciary chairman Bob Goodlatte issued the subpoenas is requesting. Private depositions from call me and Lynch, it's part of a short-lived Republican investigation into FBI actions in the two thousand sixteen campaign. It ends twin Democrats take over the house in January. The retiring, chairman of the House Judiciary committee wants Komei to appear on December third and Lynch on December fourth but Komi who wants a public hearing tweets happy thanksgiving got a subpoena for House Republicans. I'm still happy to sit in a light and answer all questions, but I will resist a closed door thing because I've seen enough of their selective. Leaking and distortion correspondent, Linda Kenyon. The skins. Take on their biggest rival the Cowboys today backup quarterback Colt. Mccoy will be feeling the pressure today. According to voice of the Redskins. Larry Michael who tells WML's mornings in the mall high expectations from Cole McCoy today. He's played very sparingly since he's been a Redskin. But when he's been in there. He's been really really good. And I think the one thing that everybody realizes he knows this offense inside and out. Our coverage starts at three thirty of next, traffic and weather. This.

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