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About modern technology to learn more about the past and in this case they found a long glass city get this now historically when you wanted to find an ancient underground city you had to go digging right a full on excavation and that process could take months and years not any longer so come with me to Italy to an area not far north of Rome a two thousand year old Roman city called the Leri nobody wants to now part of this now underground cities been excavated but a lot of it most of it is still under the ground so enter technology ground penetrating radar or GPR for short and bounces radio waves of objects and uses the resulting echoes to virtually see things so for about four months researchers on quad bikes use the tech to map out roughly a seventy five acre size city now member this all underground they got detailed scans they discovered a theater a bathhouse shops dozens of homes this was truly one of the most amazing parts of it to me the city's plumbing system yes I said plumbing system consist of a network of water pipes that ran underground in detail pretty amazing the city was founded in two forty one BC the marks the first time that GPR tech was used to completely mapping agency and it's really nice to know the tech is being used to find things once that were gone forever I mean but what about the keys that you lost in the couch cushions modern tech or not there's probably a good chance whose keys are gone forever maybe we need G. P. art houses that would be something all right let me tell you about ray kind if you're working from home you don't need or want everyone listening into your phone calls you know what you're watching be disturbed by your music it's all stressful enough we're going through that's why everyone needs a great pair of wireless earbuds you do know that ray Conner but start about half the price of any other premium wireless earbuds on the market they sent just as amazing as other top audio brands you now their newest model the everyday eat twenty five your buds are their best one jet.

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