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Coverage for by red brand fence, right? Let's wrap the action race fourteen. The MAC Mita great to on the turf mile and three eighths for the older horses. Another interesting bunch hell hell, the gang's. All here Zulu alpha one that wwl McKnight this kind of a series of racist that lead up to the big one on found on Florida, derby day, Lulu alpha one that wwl McKnight. He'll be one of the favorites in here to take this. I see channel makers back. He tried the the the Pegasus invitational. Last time. He didn't have Lasix last time at the least expect tomorrow only get you back Tamar another interesting bunch of Judas. We have about a minute to talk about this one two minutes tops. Yeah. I like Zulu alpha. I think he'll win right back. He's got my top marathon figure the other horse. I like is Mel mic. He's only been out of the money once and his last ten starts which fly in last week. Remember brass on the grass, and maybe he's a grass horse. He's only run twice on the turf. So I think he's got a better chance and a lot of people give them. We know one thing he's a distance horse. He's run plenty of those Milen three-quarter races in mile and five sixteenths a mile a quarter races up would on the all weather village. King might be wanna take a look at his turf races. Here. He he's never gotten a chance to run on firm ground after his first start here. And that was a nine month layoff. I'm gonna look at him a little bit too close out the pick for I'll use Melnik. I'll use hunter O Reilly at a big number for Jimmy toner and Tyler gasoline. I'll use Lou alpha, and I will use channel make I'll make channel making my top pick. I think he's the class of the race. He gets Rosario back his to best races in my opinion came with Joe L save that's classic classic invitational. In over his head against bricks and mortars bricks and mortar last time, no bricks and mortar on here channel make the topic. But I'm spreading and race fourteen. It's the great to MAC term Mita all ten in the books time now for the naira vets. Best bet. This is the narrow bets. Best bet. Pontiff with on this action packed card. There's a lot of shock, and I'm not taking it. So I'm going to go to the seventh race take tricky escape in the very one stakes. She'll be decent price. I don't know if that was foreshadowing Jude, but I am going to take some chalk. And I don't care. Race eight the great three. Here comes the bride stakes. I'm a big came Bearpark fan. And I think she's going to roll him over in that three year old Philly steaks races. Not like Chad doesn't have one. He's got that big Philly newspaper of record lion. The weeds. I'll take the the the let's say the minus team came to your part for me. All right all ten races. Don, we got your best bat scrape job as always Jude. We'll talk in X week. All right. Sounds good. Good luck everybody. Yes. Good luck. Everyone on behalf of Jude fell the non-producer elite dela Pena on the big AM east. I hope you have a lucky night. I hope you all of your photo finishes. Equine forum starts at eight AM fountain of youth. Coverage presented by red brand. Fence starts at four. We'll talk to you tomorrow. Have a good night HR in nation..

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