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It just happened to be paused at the thing in the middle where you tour discussing weird pregnancy tests of the past, the exact words that played before I realized what was happening were and I quote I've peed on many things. Of Of course the guy. Ringing me up, gave me a very strange look fumbled to pause the episode again now I'm sitting in my car giggling about all the possible assumptions. This guy probably had. Hey at least I got my chocolate croissant totally worth the awkward moment. Thanks for providing a perfect random moment on a random drizzling day and love love love the podcast I'm re currently listening to all the episodes and I'm flying my freak flag. Thanks Mandy Gosh, thank you. Some nothing gives us more joy knowing that somehow we've embarrassed you. So we just finished watching season three of dark on Netflix. which was amazing? We've loved it and we were really behind the curve on that, but probably a lot of people. A lot of guys watch the whole thing a long time ago, but being fascinated with. Quantum physics and parallel universes in that sort of. I loved it, and it made me think of this story, and surprisingly I haven't done this yet. It's about a daughter Maya ronal. Man Atari. Myra, no, it's the knee Mario. taught a Modiano. He was born. On the fifth of August one, thousand, nine hundred six he was an Italian theoretical physicist who worked on Neutrino masses, and was very well known, and very well thought of and on March twenty, fifth nineteen thirty eight, he disappeared under various very mysterious stances. Let me tell you a little bit about him. You know Iraq a fair may he was the winner of the Nobel Prize in physics, also the creator of the world's first nuclear reactor that neo. Bell Prize Neo Bell Prize. Yeah, it's been called the architect of the nuclear age and the architect of the. Bomb he said this about at daughter. Myron, no congratulations on your new L. Price, thank you, he said there are several categories of scientists in this world, those of second or third rank do their best, but never get very far. Then there are the first rank those who make important discoveries fundamental scientific progress, but then there are geniuses like Galileo or Newton Myra. No. No was one of these for example, according to wikipedia experiments in one, thousand, nine, hundred, thirty, two showed the existence of an unknown particle that was suggested to be a Gamma-ray Marrano was the first to interpret correctly. The experiment is requiring a new particle that had a neutral charge and a mass about the same as the protons. The particle is of course the neutron. Enrico. Fermi told him to write an article about it, but my no didn't bother and so James Chadwick. Prove the existence of the neutron by experiment later that same year, and he was awarded the Nobel Prize Price Myra no was known to not be really interested in getting credit for his discoveries. He was never seeking any any credit in his entire life. He only wrote nine papers on his discoveries, but he was instrumental in in some of the early quantum physics research. He had like imposter system. Imposter Syndrome, so he was like I am a genius, and I'm learning all these things, but don't look at me. You know someone else can write about it. God, if I write about, people will figure out. I'm not a genius, but at fair as urging Marianna left Italy early in one, thousand, nine, hundred, thirty, three on a grant from the national. Research Council in Germany he met Verner Heisenberg in letters. He subsequently wrote to Heisenberg. Mariana revealed that he had found in him, not only a scientific colleague, but a warm personal. Love. The now this is about the time. The Nazis come to power in Germany and my Aranaud arrived at that very moment he worked on a theory of the nucleus, which in its treatment of exchange forces represents a further development of Heisenberg theory of the nucleus. He also traveled to Copenhagen where you worked with Niels Bohr another Neil Bell, prize winner and Bell. And the Bell and a friend and mentor of Heisenberg, so in the fall of nineteen thirty, three's doing all this quantum.

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