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Was about to get in a deeper just playing well without aired berry so partial indian oakland raider of course you see more strongly tv movie a moshoeu a leader in the energy of the team so far deeper solid uh khalil match he ended up making employees to to see what happened early two older dairy card you know what they're doing i think you had correct me if i'm wrong michael crabtree picking up have more four touchdowns wednesday three touchdowns and we got to one game i mean come back it it it it it took division i think everyone needs to record my put you talking about the at who worth what about the nfc nor even look at matthew stopper matthews peppered is playing really good fair black showed have let you go to these value to do football team by not having him against the steelers up starting off the way he did what picked the winner division in green bay you know they're gonna come back at some point on to reload it'd be where they retain good could potentially be fighting to win that division let alone try to fight for the walk horseback through that two divisions throughout the national football league who actually arguably aga better to divisions where there's two more teams what did it could serious contender good yeah in the nfc south is definitely in that conversation as well i want to ask you about ezekiel elliott slash youth you play in the league a as far as when guys throw pigs in in other guys on offense really selling out to make a play i was talking about this with withdrew last night and the thing that always thing the first thing a pop to my mind was d the chasing down leon lett in the super bowl in a game where his team was getting blown out and that's what you remember about that game a guy hostile in making a play even though in the grand scheme of things it didn't matter but it matter to to to being a professional and playing the game the right way i know zeeks young in the game and i jason garrett said he was going to talk to them but isn't that some at veterans of kind of police in the locker room themselves you carrier you want to you one thinking nobody who earlier he give effort so i think it quickly keeping.

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