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I'm alive. I'm aware. I loved you the damn. I love you today. Will love you to my life. I believe these letters still exist right there around one. The other thing is Dolores Nick's mom did was one day. She said. She took him into the bedroom. And she opened the doors and address her in under some other stuff. There was a box with I think there's almost seventy letters sixty seven sixty eight letters from this trip with Don, Shirley, and it's all the letters that he sent home to her. So that material we use. I mean, and that's just another. You're right. It's a love story between these two guys. But it's a love story between Tony and his wife Dolores, and in a way in a sort of Cyrano de Berge way, like living vicariously loving by Kerry Asli having this appreciating this, obviously, Tony really is crazy about his wife in doc would see this and he had a degree in psychology as well. And he is reputed to have said he said neck that, you know, your father was someone that I it was a really interesting object of study for me. During this trip? I had to teach him how to speak intelligibly, I love. But then I think it became sort of a initially a pastime for Dr Houghton these letters. But.

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