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Called how to be creative this last one has given me the chance to speak with musicians and artists have all kinds as well as scientists and inventors occasionally one of these conversations is so rich that we can't help but put it out in its entirety as we're doing with this bonus episode. It's an interview with Elvis Costello, the sixty four year old singer and songwriter from England who now lives in Vancouver with his wife jazz singer, Diana Krall, and their two kids Castillo has been making excellent records since the mid nineteen seventies records that. Range from punkish pop to super dense super pop to country and western from Ernest to sir, Donna he's particularly adept at bringing a postmodern flair to the elegant foundations of the old school songbook style. And that's what he's done on his newest record, which is called look now just how versatile is Elvis Costello over the years. His collaborators have included Burt Bacharach the Brodsky coretec. And Sophie von otter, Paul McCartney the Charles Mingas orchestra and Allen Toussaint if you're at all serious fan of popular music. Elvis Costello has at least been on your periphery for several decades for a time. He was nearly very very famous, but to those who loves music he's way better than famous. He's original a musician's musician a writer's writer. He's also got the rare ability to create music that is both high minded an open minded. And as you'll hear now, he does that in conversation as well. Hope you enjoy. If you would just say your name, and what you do. However you'd like to describe that. Hello. I'm Ovitz Castillo. And I'm some kinda musician and writer. So let's start with your new record, which I love, congratulations. I think remarkable it's rich and dense, but also gritty and funny, and it's modern and traditional in its record that no one in the world, but Elvis Costello could have written. That's pretty that's a pretty good compliment. But that that's kinda why hope to do to be to be really truthful was I had these songs some of them. I'd written awhile ago. Some of them were written in collaboration. Some of them are written very recently. And I knew that they were songs that would be served by my band, but they would give us an opportunity to show everything that we can do not just warm aspect fulfill. Roll band is often just asked to be full peace, Robin robot, and that's great fun. But it's it's also great to be able to bring to anything that what you've learned that. Would you've come to understand bailable to kinda quite self to the mood of a ballot? In this case playing collaboration with cutback. You know, I couldn't have imagined as pulling that off twenty years ago Longa. She was. That's not the. You. You rate in the liner notes. I wanted to make a record that we couldn't have made back. There's no point in really there's never to me to me. There's never been any point in making the previous record again as so each one is is to into my Abe and quite different. I mean to people who don't hear those increments change or don't have the same appreciation probably on my same stench into different things than I am the great things we have we have Toby choice. You know, we have so much stuff. We can listen to from the past from the present stuff. That's you know, secret stuff. That's right in the headlines. You don't have to have one of the other. If isn't necessarily a high rocky. Yeah. The of the only, you know, positive things about the. Changes in the way music is hood is that the hierarchy aspect of it is sort of become less oppressive. There are still people that sell massive amounts records, and people are Sast with those achievements. But some of the most interesting things happening in little corners. And that's not that's not to say. Well, I'm making the best of it because I used to sell records. And now, they're all reconcile. It's just that it that's the way it is. I find that the records it really interests me by the people with the people of my generation over the brand new autists, they tend to be things you stumble upon and its reminds me of how wonderful it was to feel as if you had personal possession of over record that nobody else knew about when which was the way it.

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Elvis Costello, Sast, Writer discussed on Freakonomics

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