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Well, you know, four or five Still in the middle of the night following, you know, Matt Thomas and why you are on them? Yeah, they're on from seven p.m. last night until we relieve them at four A.m.. It's a long, long time for the storm to make landfall as a hurricane. And, uh oh, yeah, exactly. They did. Yeoman's duty. We thank you. By the way we thank you for all your phone calls to. We're still taking them 7132 and 2 50 74. 713 to 12 K T R. H before we do anything else. So let's do an update on the drive was sky mind. I got high water to 25 between Richie and Shaver. You can see big slowdowns on the airport freeway. It appears to be passable. I'll call it passable with care. But I'd rather you not go there if you can avoid it by 10 by 10 Freeway same story. Between greens by you and Normandy Well, again, high water. Everybody's crammed up for now. And 1 46 reports of high water all around Seabrook and Chema. I'm sky Mike, the Gulf Coast Windows com 24 Hour traffic Center from our ktrh. John more services. 24 hour Weather Center time to check in with meteorologist Terry Smith. We're watching that storm continued to move to the North Northeast. Not as fast as we would like Terry, but at least it's moving. Yes, it is moving and you're right. It's not moving very fast at all. About nine MPH. In the last We'll get an update from the National Hurricane Center in the next half hour. Or less on, uh, where the intensity is. It wasn't 70 Miles an hour. Uh, not too long ago a couple of about three hours ago, so it's weakening. It's moving slowly. It's still producing rain. The heaviest rain has tended to be off toward the north of Houston and east of Houston. Woodlands, Kingwood Baytown right now seeing some of the heavier showers We still have the flash flood watch. That's in effect. That's because we continue to get some additional rain on top of the rain that we've already had, and we've had some flooding issues and we also have the storm surge. We still have the gusty winds. I'm expecting the conditions to begin to improve less rain, lighter winds. We're looking at 20 to 40 Mile an hour winds so far this morning across most of the area, those winds should ease up. By the afternoon today. Right now. It is 71 in your official severe weather station NewsRadio, 7 40 ktrh 6 34 Now gear on radio 7 40 ktrh. Obviously the big story in the morning is the weather We've been falling for you. Since seven o'clock last night. Continually here on news radio 7 40 K church share brings us up today and some of the important things we need to know this morning. Well for people just joining us. Nicholas made landfall near Sergeant just before midnight. It was a cat. One hurricane at that time is downgraded now to a tropical storm and doesn't make it any easier for people who are having to live through it and the after effects. So when just picked up about 20 minutes ago in the rain really started much harder again. That was one of our callers coming in about Oh,.

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