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Ball was secured all the way to the ground out of bounds look like what was down but how about the play by ellen gerber at the pocket was closing in on what an incredible drive they're going to take a look to make sure this was a touchdown catch control was made sure looked like it from the replay we watts us go downstairs to ian guys it happened right at my feet not one but two feet and controlled the ball all the way through rolled over on the ground bowled never moved this is a touchdown and tell me and do you think matthew mcconnahey stepped into the huddle therefore the strategist said hey gotta be patient take our time play at a time and it's rule the touchdown the plays up belt and now the extra point by roland which will put texas up by three with forty five seconds to go wait for the snap there is a little high where he added down and the kick is perfect protein plays ninety one yards four minutes twenty nine seconds sam allen ghur to armani foreman a seventeen yards touchdown pass and texas leach seventeen the fourteen with forty five seconds remaining in the game and do you see they've got a little bit of time but they do not have any time outs about the plays by form in the fourth down conversion where he had to go high he got undercut and he held onto the football allen gird doing a tremendous job is sitting in the pocket with the game on the line and then on this touchdown era thought it was good work by oca four the right tackle for taxes at mcmillan the right guard because ads alagar escape the pocket rightside on the role they made sure to show that they were holding on the end of the line of scrimmage they turned the defender lose they they knew that alagar they felt that allegory was get again outside the pocket at just the strength by and to continue running after the secondary blair defensive back at fallen it alagar put it right on it car jobs back deeper us is not over yet fortyfive seconds left in the game here's the kick and this is returnable jones at his story to the ten has a bit of an allied of the twenty up to the.

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