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Phony express the time of some romance at least as the story was told there were other aspects to this and jim de police has dug into the one eight six six five o jimbo is the author of west like lightning it's with us tonight along with don in albany oregon north of where the determines was we're fine thank you doing great myself i was just gonna ask you guess what the four hundred dollars for one of those mustangs back then would be in today's money it'd be it would be quite a lot of money today i it's a little bit hard to kinda you know trans transfer things but i'll give you let me put it this way if you wanted to send a letter than it would cost you five you know that in today's in today's money is is a hundred and thirty eight dollars brother so you know so if we multiply that you you had to really want to get a letter to the west coast in a hurry you did now i have to admit that they actually lower the price you know as a service as a service goes on and i believe at one point he gets as low as fifty cents so that's you know which would be about a little more than thirteen dollars and that's not i mean we can kinda you know think about that today you know for i guess a fedex overnight letter might be comparable so but the but four hundred dollars for a horse let's put it in ten ten thousand dollars today it's a little hard to kind of transpose that because you know just because values are are so different today but it was it was a huge amount of money the company spent an enormous but but they knew that they were going to lose money that was actually kind of baked into russell's plan now now what kind of a business plan and thank you for your call don what kind of a business plan or concludes losing money being quote baked in unquote.

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