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And raced towards the playoffs. While the Cubs continue to fall in record breaking fashion and at Soldier Field On Saturday, Bears rookie quarterback Justin Fields put some of his star potential on display while his predecessor, Mr Bisky, started for the opposing team. It was a busy sports weekend here with those stories and more is W B e Z Sports contributor. Cheryl Raye Stout. Cheryl Welcome back. Thank you, Susie. How are you? I'm doing well, well, let's start with the bears. The Bears. Um last home preseason game has created more questions than answers. What are some of the issues after the 41 15 loss to Buffalo? Let's let's start with the offense. Well, one of the few positives it doesn't count. No, there's only one preseason game left, and that's in Tennessee on Saturday, But here's one of the big questions, Susie Do you have to start Andy Dalton. This we can get more reps in the final game to establish his rhythm gets something he talked about that he needed to get done. Or do you let the rookie quarterback Justin Fields get time with the starters in a game situation now, Nagy said he's still going to go with Dalton to start the season against the ramp of September 12, and here's a couple of things. There were a few players not on the field. With Dalton and Shields to get some extended time with one of those is David Montgomery. Another one is Ellen Robinson. And the offensive wine didn't have Jason Peters, who just signed and German and Freddie, but the news is I'm at practice today and all those players are on the field, so maybe they'll have a better situation on Saturday. Yeah, well, I want to turn to a former Bears teammate, the Bears defense was torched by their former teammate, Mitchell Robiskie. He is the Buffalo Bills back up and Had an excellent game at Soldier Field. What happened? Well, this is one area. It was really, really tough to watch. Robiskie was great. He was able to score at six or seven possessions. The problem with the Bears was the poor tackling. They had no pass rush, and what was really interesting to watch is that Buffalo had authors 32nd stringers and third stringers out there and they did a good game plan for Mitchell. So he had a good situation. Now again, There's more starters that did not play Andy, Uh, Danny Trevathan and grow rock Juan Smith. They weren't out there, but they were on the field today, and we just talked to Shawn Gibson. He's starting safety for the Bears, and he told us that they're not panicking right now, Even though it looked bad on Saturday, he thinks they could still have everything put together by the starting game. Okay. Good to have that optimism. Um, well, you know, it's usually painful when a player like Stravinsky who has who is expected to do big things in Chicago, and then leaves, Um how did that go? Went, Robiskie saw his old teammates again. Susie. It was interesting to see the Bears. Players and staff warmly greet Mitchell in the pregame and again afterwards and he talked about in this post game presser. Yeah, it was cool. It was fine. It was good to see those guys out there and I'll be ruined for him this season and wish him well and just that everyone stays healthy, but it kind of felt like practice back in the day, just going against those guys talking little smack and just having fun, find playing football, But, um, just very grateful to be a part of this team and how everybody had my back today and we just went out there and execute and went down the field and, um it made plays and got in the end zone. So that's that's all you can ask for is and just leave the guys down and score points. Very cordial. Uh, well, Cheryl, How did the fans reacted? Robiskie? You know, that was a big question going into the game. What were they going to do? There was applause and just a very small smattering a boost. So the that was negative. We all thought it would be. But it wasn't that was nice to see because he didn't deserve anything negative. Thrown at him. And Cheryl, You know, we talked a little bit about Dalton and fields up the top. Um, but it's got to be a little awkward, um, for the current starting QB Andy Dalton. He's the starter, but he knows the fans are mostly there to see rookie quarterback Justin Fields. What does he say about the competition and the fans reactions? You know what was interesting was just feels himself was very disturbed by the booing of his teammate, and he actually said it was disrespectful. But when you look at what Andy Dalton had to say, he's a veteran. He knows the situation and he knows if this is something that's going to happen, and he addressed it with the media. It's part of it. They want to, uh you know, they want to see a good product out there. I didn't hear any booze after the touchdown pass that through. Um So, uh, you know, hopefully there'll be will be cheering. What Well, I like how he handled that then. Are there any other concerns for Matt Nagy as they finish training camp this week? No. One big area that was really glaring and really poorer. Is there special team coverage? It's been pathetic for two games. And that's a real concern. Because you know what happens at this point. You have players that would be cut tomorrow and players to be cut next week to get down to 53. The players are not starters. Your second unit, you're 30 unit. Players have to be able to play on special teams and what I think is going to happen. If these guys that they have right now don't make the cut. They'll be picking up really release players to try to fix it, because that's a real concern at this point. This is reset. We're talking with W B E Z Sports contributor shall race down and we're catching up on the big sports stories of the weekend, and I want to turn to baseball now, um As we mentioned at the top. It's been losing and more losing for the Cubs. Um, you know, tell us more about it, Cheryl. Well, they are 18 games under 500. They are seeking fast, You know, it's been tough to see. This team is down only three players from the championship year will secretaries who is now injured Jason Heyward to his head offensive real offensive. Output is horrible. And the one bright spot is Kyle. What do you realize that he's the winningest pitcher in Major league baseball right now, with 14 wins? You wouldn't know that because the way this team is playing and yesterday after losing 9 to 1, I ask starting and losing picture Alec Mills. If the players are talking about this predicament that they are in right now. Yeah, I wouldn't say we've had too many conversations as far as you know what's going on. Obviously, like I said, we just want to win. Um, you know, it's obviously not a fun clubhouse after games right now, you know, we're doing everything we can. You know, we plan on, uh, really doing some things to help us out in the future..

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