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I might add could maybe see that but he's got like five or six ship he did get a providence who had check of the prominent spot on the weeicom website or ill or no not now but all day yesterday so thank you for the payview steve biko oh my goodness that think that listen to like nuts it was crazy you know maybe bikes on or something i don't know kevin in a car is on dino side why are you one dino side kevin because those first oil but listening george vi started here but the issue okay but i like i said earlier maybe you heard me cannot use loyalty nsu has to be totally objectives and look at the situation in a vacuum fakie plug research was going on strike appointed me would you ever allowed foia make a point from if corruption each struggle whether through it like a whoppi research yeah yeah uh road crowd of your left shoes year i hope you're talking with the carpenter speech impediment every thieves though you're have worked through it sounds really angry yes i i've been trying really hard i do i do red leather you'll weather rubs another yellow leather every single day awesome yeah thanks i would like yeah why didn't really hard yeah i suspect you have to fight you i have ever since ever since he brought beyond the big show back in two thousand six is the road on june roeder dead thosethose fair halard leather to the all weather radmla as hard right i okay paul and car wants to yell at you usually give one yell at me signed to let someone yell at someone else bronze paul teich oh come on paul anchorages i'm here thanks was widespread so buggy ya because he does that wasn't management if you've been thinking of bringing devos's back after one any idea of made joe hall show about it added has all the other shows what is the big deal either way i didn't say that on sale upset at management i said i can see both sides of it and i've come in i totally understand why is happening in in i'm probably agree with it because this is a results business it is about these scoreboard there this show coming up is a highly anticipated show because of it i'm just i painting all sides.

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