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I don't think we had any other games. Oh. The Cowboys wanna game, whatever. Shoot talk a little college football before we get our football the week. Well, preemptive, who's back? I think we're all going to say l. issues back LSU. So that was so the badgers being shit. They got the ship pumped in Arbor and then the bear's loss in embarrassing fashion to Brock Brock Tober Brock would we call them chip Leo debris to Rocco attacking bears the one silver linings. I think I'm just gonna like become a full on Cajun LSU fan? Yeah, until they lose to Obama that would suck do no. I own that game by the way. So going into this weekend, I was I was looking ahead on the schedule at that Alabama game. You don't do that. I had to Harry on football. I had to peak. And I was thinking that l. ac- would get beat by twenty thirty because Alabama's just they are wagging yes, by brought back Dixieland delight, which was awesome. But now too I is hurt possibly injured and LSU playing neck again. Yeah, which is the greatest there is nothing better. We've never been to LSU game. We're very excited for a first LSU death valley experience Hanks game, but there's something so special about LSU beating team. And then all the fans saying, suck this tiger dick bitch. That's like all time. And and and I like how also it took it took like until like two years ago for LSU administration bike. It's too. It's too vulgar. Yeah, we talked tiger dick bitch. They made this and they made the ban stop playing it and then the fans would just start singing it no matter what song was playing. They would like take whatever songs playing in turn into like, suck. It actually kinda makes very versatile, get Hank name any song. Well, that I would know you're going to say somebody like odd future's or something. It actually makes Alabama look like kind of kind of pussies because they ban Dixieland delight because they said, fuck Auburn, then they change seed Auber land. Yeah. So suck that day. Pitch, but no, they, they change it to. They did like a whole. The administrator in Misteri did a video pain, like please be nice and don't say, fuck, Auburn, say, beat Auburn, p they made a huge like they made the whole song PG and meanwhile, death valley, they're still singing. Suck that tiger dick hold her up tight, suck a dick bitch roll time. We had also Penn State loss West Virginia loss. That sucks. Coach Orson love you. Pretty heavily on them and Georgia. So is it was four out of the top eight. So we're getting that part of the season college football where it's just kind of like upheaval every single weekend, and then it will be out Bama, Ohio, State Clemson and like George..

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