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I'm hopeful for a number of reasons. One. There's a lot of opportunity for us to work on this problem. As a country at the government level at the private sector level academia, the nonprofit space there's just an enormous opportunity to really take on this challenge. And then on the more sort of basic side of things. I suppose I have a lot of hope, because the number one question I still get from people on social media and at events and things like that is They want to know how to talk to their friends and family and neighbors about false content. They want to help people understand their what they're seeing and what they're putting out there, and they want to do it in a way that actually does help. And so the fact that people still want to have those conversations and still want Teo help. Our mothers with good information gives me a lot of reason for hope. And then I also get emails and messages all the time from people who say I started doing this this thing that you talked about in your book and I found, you know, I haven't been looking at a good source all the way to my you know, my my parents who are in an older generation They've implemented some of the tips and tools that I talked about in my book, and they're learning things and so from young adults were consuming this information all the way up to my parent's generation. They're seeing results by adopting better practices. And so that gives me reason for hope is well. That's Cindy. Onus. Her new book, True or False. A CIA analyst guide to Spotting fake news is out now. Cindy Otis. Thank you so much for talking with us. Thank you. Staying on the topic of misinformation. There's news about Cuba not that's a movement based on a bizarre conspiracy theory that claims that all manner of public figures and institutions are secretly involved with child trafficking and child murder. Yesterday, a group of several 100 people espousing those views marched down Hollywood Boulevard, chanting and carrying signs. Now. In the past, the group was seen as a fringe group of online obsessives. But more recently, followers have been charged with crimes, including murder, domestic terrorism and planned kidnapping. Still, the group seems to be gaining ground, even gaining a viable candidate for Congress and Marjorie Taylor Greene, who won the Republican primary for George's 14th district, she's heavily favored to win in November. We wanted to find out what is driving this in with the presence of a follower in Congress could mean so we called Travis View. Once again. He is the co host of the Q and a on anonymous podcast, and he's been reporting on this group Travis View. Thank you so much for joining us once again, Michelle. Thank you so much for inviting me. So could we start with Marjorie Taylor Greene, who won the congressional primary and Georgia How is she connected to Q and R? What kinds of statements has she made? That indicates the connection And does she acknowledge it? So Marjorie Taylor Greene throughout 2017 and 2018. She was an open and proud Q and a follower, and she even promoted some of most arrange conspiracy theories from that group. For example, she claimed that the plane crash that killed JFK Jr in 1999 was the responsibility ofthe Hillary Clinton when the National Transportation Safety Board actually ruled that was the result of a pilot there. She had also claim That the criminal gang M s. 13 was responsible for the murder of the DNC staffer, Seth Rich on Now. All these beliefs are deranged, and she got them directly from Q. And like you said she is favored Tio enter Congress starting next year. Does she still acknowledge the connection now that she's become more visible? Well, she offered some statements on the Fox nation trying to distance herself from Q and on, but I wouldn't say that she is fully denounced it. What she said was that after following to a non, she chose a different path by running for Congress. So this week, a reporter asked President Trump about the group. And he said, I don't know much about the movement. Other than I understand They like me very much. And he added that they are people that love our country. So I have a couple questions here, Which is what will does President Trump play in the Q and a narrative and how big of a deal is it for the president, to say those words? In the cute on narrative. President Trump is thesafeside er off humanity. Literally. They believe if Donald Trump didn't come riding along and was elected president, then it would essentially means the end of the United States and the end of the world. They worship him essentially. Now the fact that Trump acknowledged the Cuban community is hugely consequential Tio community because they have been waiting this for years. They've been going reporters to what they say. Ask the Q because in their imagination, they believe that if Trump was asked about cute on that he would say it was really and then it would say the storm is upon us, and this would lead to the A huge mass arrest event that they imagine it's going to happen now. It didn't play out like that. But nonetheless, the fact that he praised them, and he said that he would be willing to help and that he did nothing to announce the theory or denounce the followers hugely energized them. I mean, they are. They are on Cloud nine as a consequence of Trump's statements. And how does this contrast to how they're viewed by law enforcement? You know, particularly the FBI. Yes, there was a non intelligence Bolton from the Phoenix Field office of the FBI that warned about the threat of conspiracy theory driven extremism in the name Q. And all. Specifically as a possible source of this extremism mean this has been realised. In a few ways. There's one case of Ah cumin follower named Matthew Wright, who pled guilty to a terrorism charge. We're holding a armed standoff on the Hoover Dam. There's another case of cold. Rather woman named Cynthia Abzug Hoo ah, with charged with conspiracy to commit kidnapping after a planning an armed raid with fellow Cuban on followers. There's actually recent reporting from the daily Beast that shows that her case is actually the part of a network off Cubano followers who encouraged members too. Commit kidnappings and even harbor.

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