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And now they motion one right to left and here comes up. this. right Sir tomorrow. complement to the raiders and colts radio networks I am love in this game I'm loving this game but you know what. we thought they were. fraud. we doing. we may be looking at one of the worst teams in the NFL and we got clowned moderators there's no way they're going to go on the road and take care of the Indianapolis Colts Marlon Mack is on fire at running back the cold river set man he is looking like the real deal sitting at so when one plane at home in front of a great crowd yeah baby it's easy for me to see that the call the first set the Indianapolis Colts the wind the wind is having a solid year and I got to tell you more about six point three hundred yards with two touchdowns he is the real deal by the way that tiny and their water that killed us he's still in the rest of the NFL twenty six receptions for two sixty seven five tidy and already this year all he's putting up big numbers.

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