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So maybe quincy dark and get to old means we worked on her mike malone in david phys dale aren't like terrible coaches but you know i think snyder is a little more detail oriented and hopefully can get moody eight the defendant who knows maybe won't play an extra will just be healthy and they'll feel fine with him and they'd be like thing getting the ball handling the guys like wiped out a bitch and ingles on the second unit if the mitchell and comedy you're out of the game and they'll stagger those guys whatever so maybe mediate will play that much but especially they're gonna wanna keep calmly frosh yeah i think for the minimum especially as a little bit of upside potential in some size in adds an element that they didn't necessarily have on this team so i i think i i liked that signing pretty wild sports for those guys will be available at the minimum who's if we got anything else here we have we have one more in less i miss you talking about it and that is markeith morris yes markeith morris signing with the detroit pistons james edwards had that it is for the bi annual i do not know whether just one or two years maybe there's maybe i'm missing they've i don't i don't know that yeah i haven't seen that either an good for the pistons get another forward morris had largely a lost year due to that neck issue but it wasn't that long ago that he wasn't important part of de wizards rotation so maybe he could have a little bit of they reclamation year in detroit they certainly could use a player with his skills if morris could make his way back in at the bi annual i'm good with it yeah the pistons only one point five billion dollar shy of the tax line right now sitting on fourteen players we could see them being totally done here at this point in time they've got one non guarantee force feed mikhail york which actually guarantees tomorrow i imagine they will just keep him around an maybe just go into the season start with the with fourteen players a cause of minimum signing would take them or they also have some redundancies now langston galloway a perhaps but i the signing is pretty good and they just needed more in the front court their backup from court situation was eight problem a year ago you could see that maybe they would wanna bring back the odds are still some other kind of pure backup center i think they might see markeith is being able to play with blake griffin in andre drummond but i guess they got son maker is while who could maybe slide over center a sub it's still a little late in the shorts there but probably the dude the tax concerning they don't have an obvious way to get out of the tax other than maybe moving galloway if they were to go over it but i i liked the saying i think it's a good buy low they also need some more scoring morris could provide that they don't have a ton of passing on this team outside of blake griffin more sexually is an underrated passer as well if he could shoot the ball little bit better perhaps could be a real asset for this team that needed at a third big who is affected pretty desperate y'all i wouldn't wanna elian thon maker alone to do that at one more note here on orlando who we didn't mention this but they are in the tax right now i mentioned where they were in terms of the apron on i think it was monday's episode but i really don't see them paying the tax

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