Valentin, Bangor, Linda Evangelista discussed on BuzzFeed's The Library: A Drag Race RuCap - Sashay Away: 'Your Pilot's On Fire'


Of course i love the show will and we love watching you on it so i want to ask you this lastly valentin you know as you were saying the show has been such an amazing learning experience and growing experience in you've really you know transformed as a as a human and as a performer so i wanna ask i mean what did you learn about yourself as a drag queens through the experience of being on rupa's drag race i've learned to embrace that power within me to really believe in my dream bangor being on the show and living the experience has really helped me find my purpose on this earth to really that i came here to make a difference and that i have a vision and that being a drag queen it's perfect for me i wouldn't want to be anything other than a drag queen right now and i have hope to live a with long career through the this platform catapulting me into being discovered by a a a a large group of adoring fans and um what tricalm of me is i really do hope that somehow i can become the face of drag in all of latin america amazing i think that's an incredible and attainable goal from having watched you on this show valentina i gotta remark thank you will well listen i have to say in closing you know your perfect your beautiful you look like linda evangelista a model.

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