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Of the Milwaukee Bucks inviting you to join me and capture sports marketing for athletes doing good radios on Thursday may twenty first on ESPN Wisconsin I'm bringing in some teammates and other big hitters as we raise money for feeding America eastern Wisconsin second harvest food bank of southern Wisconsin and my foundation with us we need your help to defeat the toughest opponent will face incumbent nineteen so get ready to tune in all day on may twenty first for the athletes doing good radio welcome to our everyday health feature sponsored by freighter and the medical college of Wisconsin now more than ever it's important to get health care you need from the experts you trust the freighter metal college Wisconsin health network offers orthopedic telehealth virtual visits by video this approach provides you with the care you need safely from home without having to wait for a clinic appointment here to tell us more is doctor Stephen Grenville an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in shoulder conditions with fragrant metal college Wisconsin health network Dr Goodell first of all thanks for joining us today what is a telehealth virtual visits telehealth virtual visit is basically a healthcare visit with your provider only if done through the secure video chat on either your smartphone tablet or computer the freighter at medical college of Wisconsin app makes it easy and convenient to do this doctor what are the benefits of a virtual telehealth visit the benefits are many for the virtual telescope project number one they could be done safely from the comfort of your home eliminating the commute or waiting in the waiting room often times we can get you in sooner and see almost immediately and then lastly these are typically schedule during normal business hours what can someone expect during a video visit it by design these are really similar to what an in person visit should be oftentimes a medical assistant another staff person might initiate the visit and take basic health information from you and then you'll be connected with the actual provider who will evaluate you in a very you know similar manner to what your normal visit would be and perform basic physical exam as they would in person doctor can you talk a little bit about how the team approach wochit freighter in the middle college Wisconsin comes into play with orthopedic telehealth virtual visits absolutely we strongly encourage team approach in how we deliver our health care for our team specifically we're have nurses and then the physicians all who helped communicate the care making sure that the care you're getting a comprehensive and.

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